Kristy Cohell is a renowned expert in kitchen appliances, providing valuable guidance to culinary enthusiasts. With a fascination for the latest kitchen gadgets, Kristy has established herself as a trusted voice in the industry. Her dedication to knowledge sharing, addressing appliance issues, and offering practical solutions has earned her a loyal following.


Kristy’s Journey with kitchen appliances, experimenting with various popular brands and models began over a decade ago. Through her trials, she gained valuable insights and developed ingenious solutions to common problems of kitchen appliances, saving time and money.

Driven by her desire to assist others, she decided to share her expertise through this dedicated kitchen appliance blog.


With more than 13 years of hands-on experience, Kristy has encountered and resolved numerous appliance challenges. From malfunctioning blenders to temperamental ovens, she has honed her troubleshooting skills. 

Kristy’s expertise encompasses a vibrant tapestry of kitchen appliance categories, from the sparkling realm of dishwashers to the sizzling domain of fryers, the chilling world of refrigerators, and beyond.. Her articles explore the innovative features and technologies offered by renowned brands, empowering readers to troubleshoot common issues themselves and avoid costly repairs or replacements.


Kristy’s practical expertise is complemented by her Bachelor’s degree in Consumer Studies from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, earned in 2010. Her education equipped her with a deep understanding of consumer behavior, product evaluation, and the nuances of the culinary world. 

To stay at the forefront of the industry, Kristy continuously expands her knowledge through ongoing research, collaboration with appliance manufacturers, and attendance at industry conferences and workshops. This practical approach, combined with her extensive experience and formal education, makes her a trusted companion for individuals seeking reliable advice and solutions for their kitchen appliances.