Cafe Dishwasher Vs Bosch: Does The New Beat The Old?

As dishwashers keep getting better, the battle between minimalism and advanced tech keeps getting even more intense. 

Café is new to this scene, with the former aspect as the focus. It might not be as fancy as Bosch, which is really good with technology, but it has its own charm. 

Here’s a quick look: Bosch dishwashers make it ahead in every factor, but Café is just as solid if you have different preferences.

So, if you’re trying to choose between Café’s simplicity and Bosch’s excellent high-tech features, let’s figure out which dishwasher is right for you.

Cafe Vs Bosch Dishwasher Comparison Chart

Cafe Vs Bosch Dishwasher Comparison Chart

Let’s quickly go through which brand is better in which regard.

Cleaning PerformanceExemplaryAdmirable
Drying ProwessRemarkably Superior.Respectably Decent
Noise ProductionWhisper-quiet, Quieter Than Café.Impressively Low.
Loading FlexibilityExceptionally Flexible.Adequate And Respectable.
General & Special FeaturesPacked with Wonders.Showing Promise.
Control Panel & Wash ProgramsNeck-and-Neck.Equally Impressive.
Energy & Water SavingsEco-Champion.Respectable Saver.
Looks & PracticalityStylish Allure.Aesthetic Variety.
Brand ReputationLegendary Reliability.Approaching The Same Level.
Amount of Models & PricingPremium Selection.Mid-Range Choices, Though Not As Many.

Cafe Dishwasher Vs Bosch: A Closer Look

Cafe Dishwasher Vs Bosch

Now, let’s go through all the big and small details so we can do a proper analysis.

Cleaning Performance

Rating: Bosch – 4.8/5, Café – 4.5/5


Bosch’s dishwashers are really good at getting dishes clean. 

They use a smart system called PrecisionWash that figures out how dirty the dishes are and adjusts the water pressure and temperature accordingly. 

This system also has spray arms that target each dish to make sure they all get clean. It even works well for really dirty pots and pans.


Café dishwashers are also good at cleaning dishes. 

They have different wash cycles for different levels of dirt. 

Their dishwashers also have features like steam cleaning and bottle wash jets that help remove tough stains and make the dishes really clean. 

Most Café dishwashers also have a hard food disposer, which helps get rid of leftover food. 

While Café dishwashers work well, they don’t have adaptive technology like Bosch’s PrecisionWash to adjust for dirtiness, so the results will not be as consistent.

Drying Prowess

Rating: Bosch – 4.8/5, Café – 4.6/5


Bosch really shines in the drying department. Some of their models feature CrystalDry, which turns moisture into heat, leaving your dishes about 60% drier. 

After the wash cycle, the AutoAir feature pops the door open to improve drying. 

If you choose the PureDry option along with an optional water softener, you’ll get a thorough cleaning, sanitization, and efficient drying.


Café dishwashers offer Air Dry and Dual Convection Ultra Dry choices that make drying effective.

They’re serious about making sure even plastic items come out dry and ready to be stored. 

They do a good job, better than what your average dishwasher can do. 

However, their drying mechanisms aren’t particularly unique, they’re just polished versions of what dishwashers from other brands use. 

Having to hand dry dishes is one of my pet peeves, as it ruins the point of having a dishwasher do the handiwork for you. So, any brand that gives even slightly more drying power – Bosch, in this case – easily gets a ton of points from me.

Noise Level

Rating: Bosch – 4.9/5, Café – 4.9/5


Bosch is known for its super quiet dishwashers, a big plus for many. 

These dishwashers make as little noise as 38 dBA, which is almost like a whisper. 

This is great for homes with open layouts or if you just want a peaceful atmosphere.


Café dishwashers are also pretty quiet, ranging from 39 to 49 dBA. 

They’re close to Bosch in this aspect. However, Bosch takes the lead with their EcoSilence tech.

It handles tough cleaning jobs quietly, giving you a clean kitchen without all the noise.

I’m happy with either brand in this regard, as they seem great at keeping the peace in my kitchen. Even Café is pretty good despite not being as good as Bosch or without having any advanced noise reduction tech.

Loading Flexibility

Loading Flexibility

Rating: Bosch – 4.8/5, Café – 4.7/5


Bosch dishwashers offer remarkable loading flexibility through their RackMatic system. 

The adjustable upper racks with multiple height positions accommodate various dish sizes. 

The flexible silverware baskets can be customized to accommodate different utensils and loading needs.


Café dishwashers feature adjustable tines, third racks, and bottle wash jets, enhancing the loading flexibility. 

Something to note here – I’ve seen some user reviews that suggest that the layout might not be as user-friendly as intended. 

Bosch is objectively superior in this regard. Café isn’t half bad, though. Personally, I’ve never had issues loading stuff into the only Café Dishwasher I owned. I didn’t notice any issues with the review model I once got for another blog, either.

General And Special Features

Rating: Bosch – 4.8/5, Café – 4.6/5


Bosch dishwashers stand out with their third rack options, including the innovative MyWay Rack. 

The PrecisionWash technology ensures thorough cleaning, and the HomeConnect app integration allows remote monitoring and control. 

Leak protection features like AquaStop and AquaStop Plus provide peace of mind.


Café dishwashers offer a range of features, including third-level racks, adjustable tines, and smart connectivity through the SmartHQ app. 

Besides that, though, you’re not getting much.

If you want lots of fancy features, Bosch should definitely be your top pick. They’re one of the best brands for dishwashers with great features. But if you prefer Café, you can still get some decent features, so it’s up to what you like.

Control Panel Location And Wash Programs

Control Panel Location And Wash Programs

Rating: Bosch – 4.7/5, Café – 4.7/5


Bosch places the control panel on both top and front, offering a sleek look and easy accessibility. 

The range of wash programs, including sanitize and express options, cater to various cleaning needs.


Café dishwashers feature top-positioned control panels with intuitive touch controls. 

They provide a variety of wash programs, including quick rinse, sanitize and extra dry options.

I’d say this one is a tie – both have pretty generic selections of cycles, though they do provide plenty of them, which makes them a step above other average dishwashers.

Ease Of Installation And Maintenance

Rating: Bosch – 4.8/5, Café – 4.5/5


Bosch offers design flexibility with various installation options, including counter-depth and panel-ready designs. 

Even more, you can find both built-in and freestanding dishwashers. They’re easy to maintain too, and rarely ever run into problems.


Café dishwashers are built-in and come in various dimensions. 

Most users say they’re pretty easy to install and clean, though it seems like they might pose more of a hassle for newer users.

I’d suggest Bosch for any first-timers or just those that want convenience – the ease of installation and cleaning the brand offers is unmatched.

Energy And Water Savings

Rating: Bosch – 4.8/5, Café – 4.3/5


All Bosch dishwashers are ENERGY STAR qualified, emphasizing energy efficiency.

Features like EcoSense and EcoCycle further optimize water and energy consumption.


Café dishwashers also offer energy-efficient options and features like water softeners. 

However, specific details about energy-saving technologies are pretty limited. 

I haven’t come across anything besides them being designed with energy savings in mind. 

If it isn’t obvious, Bosch is definitely the winner here – and that’s to be expected since they’ve had a long time to work on the efficiency of their washers.

Looks And Practicality

Looks And Practicality

Rating: Bosch – 4.8/5, Café – 4.8/5


Bosch offers a wide array of designs and finishes, many of which seamlessly blend into kitchen cabinetry. 

Different handle styles and finishes allow for customization to match diverse kitchen aesthetics.


Café’s dishwashers boast an impressive range of colors and finishes, too, catering to various kitchen styles. 

Options like Matte White and Matte Black add a modern touch. They even come with interesting handles, like Towel Bar handles.

As usual, looks are all up to you. The dimensions of dishwashers from either brand are fairly well-thought-out and can easily fit into most kitchens, so it’s only a matter of picking what fits your decor.

Durability And Longevity

Rating: Bosch – 4.8/5, Café – 4.4/5


Bosch’s reputation for durability is well-earned. 

Leak protection features, including AquaStop and the Overflow Protection System, extend the lifespan of their washers even further. 

These features ensure that potential water damage is mitigated, providing peace of mind to homeowners.


While Café dishwashers showcase promising features, detailed information on mechanisms for long-term durability and protection against potential issues is less extensively documented compared to Bosch.

While I admit that Café dishwashers are pretty close to Bosch in terms of general durability, I would heavily recommend going for the latter just because of the protection features alone. That’s not just a preference for Bosch speaking – leaks can happen commonly in dishwashers and can sometimes even lead to expensive repairs.

Brand Reputation And Experience

Brand Reputation And Experience

Rating: Bosch – 4.9/5, Café – 4.3/5


Bosch is an industry giant with a reputation for delivering reliable and innovative appliances. 

Its legacy of quality and customer satisfaction spans decades, making it a trustworthy choice for consumers seeking dependable appliances.


Café is a newer contender compared to Bosch, having come out in 2018. 

While it has garnered attention for its high-end aesthetics and innovative features, its long-term reputation is still developing.

Unless you’re a kitchen enthusiast like me, you might not have heard of Café at all. That’s not to say that the brand is a scam, of course. I’m sure they’ll be able to become better in time. For now, Bosch is your best bet if you want peace of mind.

Amount Of Models And Pricing

Rating: Bosch – 4.8/5, Café – 4/5


Bosch’s dishwashers often fall within the mid-to-high price range, reflecting their advanced features and the brand’s reputation for quality. 

Most Bosch washers are within the $600 to $2,000 price range, with their Bosch 800 series having some of the highest quality options.


Café’s dishwashers are also positioned in the mid-to-high range. 

They’re similarly priced, though they have a higher starting price of almost $900. 

Unlike Bosch, though, they don’t offer as many special options. 

In my opinion, Café’s asking for too much for solid performance alone, as Bosch can offer that as well as some fancy cool features at a much lower price. So, unfortunately, I’ll have to give the younger brand a thumbs down for this one.


Rating: Bosch – 4.8/5, Café – 4.8/5


Bosch usually gives you a warranty that covers both parts and labor for a certain time. 

This means if anything goes wrong during that time, they’ll fix or replace it for free. 

The exact details might be a bit different depending on the model and where you live.

Their warranty shows they believe their dishwashers are good and they’ll help if something goes wrong while the warranty is active.


Café, despite being a newer brand, still offers good warranty coverage like Bosch. 

Their warranty usually includes both parts and labor. So, if something goes wrong during the warranty time, Café will take care of fixing or replacing it. 

This shows that Café is committed to making dependable appliances and fixing any problems that come up quickly.

There isn’t a lot to talk about here; I don’t have any qualms with the warranties of both brands. But personally, if this factor was important for me, I’d choose Bosch. Their customer service is easier to reach, and getting the spare parts needed for warranty repairs is also simpler. This would mean you’ll likely get your washer back sooner if you need to send it in for fixing.

Benefits of Café Dishwashers Over Bosch Dishwashers:

Benefits of Café Dishwashers Over Bosch Dishwashers

Café dishwashers have some good points that might suit certain people better:

  • Cool Looks: Café offers a lot of different colors and styles, so you can find one that matches your kitchen perfectly.
  • Quality Handle Designs: Café’s dishwashers have cool handles like Towel Bar handles, which can give your kitchen a trendy touch.

Drawbacks of Café Dishwashers Over Bosch Dishwashers:

However, there are areas where Bosch dishwashers might have an upper hand. HJere’s what Café lacks.

  • Café dishwashers might not leave your dishes as dry as Bosch models do.
  • Café doesn’t have the extra bells and whistles that Bosch offers, like fancy racks or a more stable and versatile phone app for control.
  • While Café is a solid brand, Bosch’s longer and well-known history might make you feel more secure in their dishwasher choice.

Benefits of Bosch Dishwashers Over Café Dishwashers:

Benefits of Bosch Dishwashers Over Café Dishwashers

Bosch dishwashers have a bunch of good things that many people might like:

  • Smart Cleaning: Bosch dishwashers can figure out how dirty your dishes are and clean them better.
  • Superior Drying: Your dishes come out really dry with Bosch’s dishwashers, thanks to special drying features.
  • Cool Extras: Bosch gives you more special things, like racks that fit unusual items, a phone app to control the dishwasher, and systems to stop leaks.
  • Reliable and Trustworthy: Bosch is known for lasting a long time, with features that prevent problems.

Drawbacks of Bosch Dishwashers Over Café Dishwashers:

However, there are some things where Café might be more appealing:

  • None: Bosch dishwashers outdo Café ones in the practical sense, in all aspects. Granted, I haven’t used that many options from Café myself, but the one model I had (CDD420P4TW2), I used pretty extensively. 

So Which Is Better Bosch Or Café Dishwasher?

So Which Is Better Bosch Or Café Dishwasher

Now that we’ve compared the strengths and weaknesses of Bosch and Café dishwashers, you might be wondering which one is the better choice for you. 

Bosch speaks for itself with its popularity, but are Café dishwashers good? The answer is yes, Café dishwashers are certainly good appliances. 

They offer solid cleaning performance, attention to detail, and unique design options. 

Despite being newer in the market, Café is committed to providing dependable appliances and good warranty coverage.

Both brands have their own set of advantages and drawbacks, so let’s break it down in a simpler way to help you decide.

When to Consider a Café Dishwasher:

  • If you value detailed cleaning with features like steam cleaning and specialized wash jets.
  • If you want a dishwasher that adds a pop of color and style to your kitchen with its variety of finishes.
  • If you appreciate modern handle designs like Towel Bar handles.
  • If you’re comfortable with a newer brand and trust their commitment to quality.

When to Consider a Bosch Dishwasher:

  • If you prioritize adaptive cleaning technology that adjusts for different levels of dirtiness.
  • If superior drying performance is important to you, thanks to features like CrystalDry and AutoAir.
  • If you’re looking for advanced features like third-rack options, app integration, and innovative leak protection.
  • If you value the proven durability and longevity associated with a well-established brand.
  • If you’re keen on energy and water efficiency to save on utility bills.


Who makes Café dishwashers?

Café dishwashers are manufactured by GE Appliances, a subsidiary of Haier Group.

Are GE and Bosch dishwashers the same?

No, GE and Bosch dishwashers are not the same. They are produced by different companies and have distinct features and designs. Bosch is a German multinational engineering and technology company, while GE (General Electric) is an American multinational conglomerate.

Are Café appliances considered high-end?

Yes, Café appliances are generally considered to be in the high-end range, known for their premium features, customizable design options, and advanced technology.

Is Bosch considered a high-end appliance?

Yes, Bosch is often seen as a high-end appliance brand due to its reputation for quality, advanced features, and innovative technology.

Final Thoughts

If you like Café’s careful cleaning, cool designs, and modern look, and you’re okay with a newer brand, Café dishwashers might be a good choice. 

But if you want a dishwasher that does a great job cleaning, has lots of features, and comes from a trusted brand, Bosch dishwashers are a solid option.

Keep in mind that which one is “better” really depends on what you personally want, need, and can afford. 

Both brands are good, so pick the one that matches what you care about and what you want in a dishwasher.

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