Maggots In Dishwasher? Find Simple Ways to Kick Them Out!

You open your dishwasher, ready to unload the freshly cleaned dishes, and there they are—tiny maggots wriggling around. 

Horrifying and disgusting – these are definitely not the kind of surprise you were hoping for in your kitchen. 

Maggots can end up inside the dishwasher due to the presence of leftover food particles or organic matter that attracts flies and leads to maggot infestations.

But fear not, I’ve got the lowdown on these uninvited guests and how to show them the way out.

Why are there Maggots in my dishwasher

Why Is There Maggots In My Dishwasher

 Maggots are there in your dishwasher due to various reasons.

Leftover food particles or organic matter that wasn’t properly rinsed off dishes can serve as a breeding ground for flies, leading to the presence of maggots. 

They can lay their eggs on the remnants of your dinner left on dishes. 

These eggs turn into fly larvae, a.k.a. maggots, and the warm, moist environment of your dishwasher becomes their home.

If your dishwasher has any leaks or cracks, the moisture can attract drain flies and encourage maggot infestations.

The Burning Question: Does Dishwasher Kill Maggots?

Now, you might be wondering if your trusty dishwasher can save the day. 

It does churn out some serious heat during those cycles, but it might not be enough to bid farewell to all those wriggly troublemakers. 

You see, the high heat can kill some maggots, but the enclosed environment and the rapid cycle might not be sufficient to completely eradicate them.

How To Get Rid Of Maggots In Dishwasher?

How To Get Rid Of Maggots In Dishwasher

Let’s get down to business and kick these tiny monsters out:

  1. Empty and Check: First off, clear out your dishwasher and give it a good once-over. You might spot leftover crumbs or even the culprits themselves.
  2. Maggot Removal: Time to gear up – put on some gloves and grab a vacuum or a damp cloth. Gently suck up those maggots or wipe them away.
  3. Deep Clean: Now, roll up your sleeves and deep-clean that machine. Use a mixture of hot water and vinegar. Get into all the nooks and crannies where these critters might be hiding.
  4. Empty Run: Run a cycle without any dishes but with a cup of white vinegar placed on the top rack. This will help clean and sanitize the dishwasher.
  5. Seals and Gaskets: Check those rubber seals and gaskets, making sure they’re not hiding any gaps.

How To Clean Dishes With Maggots?

If these guys made it onto your dishes, don’t panic – I’ve got what you need to do:

  1. Glove Up: Slip on some gloves so you can stay safe and ick-free.
  2. Rinse It Out: Give your dishes a hot water rinse to say goodbye to any lingering maggots or debris.
  3. Hand Wash: Show your dishes some love with hot, soapy water. Scrub well and pay attention to every nook and cranny.
  4. Sanitize: After the scrub-down, let your dishes hang out in a mix of water and a touch of bleach (1 tablespoon per gallon of water) for a bit. Then, give them a thorough rinse.

Tips To Prevent Maggots In Dishwasher

Tips To Prevent Maggots In Dishwasher

Let’s not have a rerun of this maggot episode. Follow these basic tips:

  • Scrape First: Toss those leftover food bits in the bin before loading dishes.
  • Rinse Well: A good rinse before loading up will keep those flies at bay.
  • Regular Maintenance: Periodically clean your dishwasher, including its filters and drains, to prevent buildup that might attract pests.
  • Watch Out For Leaks: Fix any leaks ASAP. Moisture is like a “Vacancy” sign for pests.
  • Keep Area Clean: Keep your kitchen as clean as you can. Flies won’t hang around if there’s nothing to munch on.


Will dishwasher salt kill maggots?

Dishwasher salt isn’t the best way to get rid of maggots. It’s meant for better dishwashing, not maggot control.

Should I throw away dishes that had maggots?

No need to toss dishes. Wash them well with hot, soapy water, and a bit of bleach-water soak should do the trick.

Why am I getting maggots in my kitchen?

Maggots come when there’s leftover food, messiness, and dampness. Cleaning up and keeping things dry helps stop them.

Does dish soap kill maggots?

Yep, dish soap mixed with water can suffocate and kill maggots. Clean up the area afterward.

Does Clorox get rid of maggots?

Absolutely, Clorox (bleach) can wipe out maggots. Pour bleach-water on them and sanitize the spot after.

Final Thoughts

Dealing with maggots in your dishwasher might be a bit yucky, but armed with a little know-how, you can conquer these horrors like a pro. 

Remember, these pesky visitors are all about leftover food and moisture. 

Keep your kitchen tidy, give your dishwasher some love, and use a bit of soapy or bleachy help if needed. 

If you ever find yourself facing the maggot infestation again, you now know how to show them the exit door. 

Stay clean, stay dry, and happy dishwashing!

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