GE Dishwasher Racks Rust: A Full De-Rusting Guide

If you’ve ever opened your GE dishwasher to find rusty racks, you’re not alone. Rusting dishwasher racks are a common woe for many users. 

And I’ve got just the know-how to take care of them!

Rust on GE dishwasher racks can stem from pre-rinsing, aging, or wear and tear. You can fix it by sanding off the rust or recoating the rack. If the rusting is severe though, you might need to opt for a replacement.

Regardless, doing all that is super easy! Keep reading this post to learn all the full processes.

Why Is My GE Dishwasher Rack Rusting?

Let’s delve into the reasons why this happens before we explore solutions to tackle this pesky problem.

Reason 1: Age, Wear & Tear

Even if your dishwasher is just a few years old, rust can creep in, especially if the vinyl coating on the racks starts to wear away. 

Over time, this wear and tear exposes the metal beneath, making it vulnerable to rusting.

Reason 2: Acidic Foods

Acidic foods like tomatoes, citrus fruits, and vinegar can accelerate the rusting process. 

When these foods come into contact with the racks during a wash cycle, the acid can erode the vinyl coating, exposing the metal and making it susceptible to rust.

Reason 3: Hard Water

In areas with hard water, mineral deposits can build up on the dishwasher racks over time. 

These deposits can compromise the protective coating, leading to rust formation.

How To  Fix Rusty Dishwasher Racks

Here’s what you can do to take care of the rust and make your washer rack look as good as new again:

Solution 1: Remove the Rust And Recoat the Rack

  1. Ensure the dishwasher is turned off and unplugged. Put on safety gloves and eye protection.
  2. Carefully remove the rusted rack from the dishwasher. Place it on a sturdy work surface.
  3. Use a fine-grit sandpaper to remove the rust. Sand gently, ensuring you don’t damage the metal.
  4. Wipe the rack clean with a damp cloth to remove any dust or debris from the sanding process. Allow it to dry completely.
  5. Using a brush, apply a layer of appliance enamel or epoxy specifically designed for dishwashers onto the rusty spots. Ensure even coverage and follow the product’s instructions regarding drying times and curing.
  6. For severe rusting, apply multiple layers of enamel or epoxy, allowing each layer to dry completely before adding the next. This builds a strong protective barrier against rust.
  7. Once the enamel or epoxy has fully cured, carefully place the rack back into the dishwasher. Ensure it fits securely in its original position.

Solution 2: Replace the Rack

If large areas of the racks are affected, replacing them is the most practical solution.

  1. Visit the official GE website or authorized retailers to order a replacement rack suitable for your dishwasher model. Be sure to provide the correct model number to ensure compatibility.
  2. Carefully take out the old rusted rack from the dishwasher, following the manual’s guidelines for removal.
  3. Place the new rack into the dishwasher, ensuring it fits securely in the designated slots. 
  4. Run a short test cycle and check for any unusual noises or movements during the cycle.

Tips To Prevent Rusting of Racks on GE Dishwashers

Prevention is often the best cure. Here are some tips to keep your GE dishwasher racks rust-free:

  • Mind Your Loading: Load dishes gently and avoid sharp knives and forks coming into direct contact with the racks. This minimizes scratches and potential breaches in the vinyl coating.
  • Regular Maintenance: Inspect your dishwasher racks periodically. If you notice any signs of wear or peeling coating, consider recoating them before rust has a chance to form.
  • Proper Cleaning: Clean your dishwasher racks according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Regular cleaning prevents grime buildup, which can contribute to the breakdown of the coating and subsequent rusting.

Final Thoughts

Investing a little time and effort in maintaining your dishwasher can go a long way in safeguarding your well-being. 

So, go ahead and try everything I suggested, and you’ll get to enjoy both better aesthetics and better health.

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