Bosch Dishwasher Vs LG 2023: Which One Takes the Lead?

LG is an undeniably good brand. The more products you have from it at home, the easier life gets. I absolutely adore my LG TV and LG Washing Machine. 

But how does LG go up against Bosch in terms of dishwashers? 

The latter has consistently been at the top for decades – and I’ve had Bosch dishwashers in my kitchen more often than I had LG.

To put it simply, Bosch is just a tad better in most ways, while LG offers a bit more value for money. The latter also offers a similar cleaning performance, with an even better drying performance than Bosch.

Well, I’m here to dig deep and answer every question for you. I’ll break down the whole thing for your convenience, including all the tech each brand offers.

Let’s get started.

LG Vs Bosch Dishwasher Comparison Chart

LG Vs Bosch Dishwasher Comparison Chart

Here’s a sneak peek of the main differences:

Noise LevelRemarkably Quiet.Nearly Silent, Slightly Noisy In Some Models.
Aesthetics and PracticalityElegant And Stylish.Modern and Sleek
Cleaning PerformanceTop-tier.Decent.
Drying PerformanceAdequate.Impressive.
DurabilityHighly Reliable.Similar Dependability.
Model CatalogVast Selection.Smaller But More Unique Options.
Number Of Wash CyclesSufficient Variety.Good Variety Plus Some Very Effective Unique Ones.
PricingPremium ValueBudget-Friendly

Bosch Dishwasher Vs LG: Venturing into Depth

Bosch Dishwasher Vs LG

Now, let’s talk about everything in detail, shall we?

Level Of Noise

Rating: Bosch – 4.8/5, LG – 4.7/5

Bosch Dishwashers:

Bosch dishwashers excel in noise reduction with innovative technologies such as EcoSilence Drive and sound-insulating materials. 

The EcoSilence Drive is a brushless motor system that operates quietly, ensuring a peaceful environment during operation. 

Moreover, Bosch’s advanced sound-dampening materials further contribute to reducing noise levels, resulting in near-silent operation, typically ranging from 40-44 decibels (dB).

LG Dishwashers:

LG dishwashers also prioritize noise reduction with their DirectDrive motor technology and sound-absorbing materials. 

While LG models offer quiet performance, their noise levels usually range from 42-46 decibels.

Having previously used a Bosch dishwasher, I can confidently attest to its whisper-quiet operation, which was especially beneficial in my open kitchen layout. While LG’s noise levels are also commendable, Bosch’s commitment to noise reduction sets it apart in this category.

Aesthetics And Practicality

Aesthetics And Practicality

Rating: Bosch – 4.9/5, LG – 4.8/5

Bosch Dishwashers:

If style is a priority, Bosch has got you covered! Their dishwashers come in a variety of chic designs, complementing any kitchen decor. 

Plus, they offer handle options like recessed, bar, or pocket handles, adding a touch of sophistication. 

And for those with limited space, Bosch’s compact models prove that good things come in small packages.

LG Dishwashers:

LG doesn’t hold back in the style department either! Their dishwashers sport modern finishes and sleek design elements. 

They offer various handle styles and color options, allowing you to find the perfect match for your kitchen. 

LG’s compact dishwasher options also cater to those looking to maximize their space.

Between both, I’ve had more space in my kitchen whenever I’ve had a washer from Bosch, and to top that off, I managed to wow a couple of guests, too. While LG also provides attractive designs, Bosch’s attention to detail makes it the clear winner for me.

Cleaning Performance

Cleaning Performance

Rating: Bosch – 4.8/5, LG – 4.8/5

Bosch Dishwashers:

Bosch dishwashers have earned a well-deserved reputation for their superior cleaning performance. 

Equipped with precision spray arms, specialized wash cycles, and intelligent sensors, Bosch models can handle even heavily soiled dishes with ease. 

Some high-end Bosch models also feature the PrecisionWash system, which uses intelligent sensors to determine the optimal water pressure and temperature for each load, delivering outstanding cleaning results.

LG Dishwashers:

LG dishwashers also boast excellent cleaning performance. They use multi-motion arms and high-pressure jets to get rid of tough stains and grime effectively. 

LG’s TrueSteam technology provides additional cleaning power, using steam to soften and remove baked-on food residues. 

A few LG models come with QuadWash technology, featuring four spray arms to ensure thorough coverage and more efficient cleaning.

As someone who regularly deals with heavily soiled dishes, I was immensely impressed with Bosch’s cleaning capabilities. I’d say this is a tie – LG does the job just as well. 

Drying Performance

Drying Performance

Rating: Bosch – 4.8/5, LG – 4.9/5

Bosch Dishwashers:

Bosch dishwashers do an excellent job of drying your dishes effectively. The Bosch 800 Series dishwashers offer CrystalDry technology, which uses special minerals to turn moisture into heat, resulting in spotless and dry dishes, even plastic ones.

Most models have at least an ExtraDry feature, which ensures even better drying results for plastic items, which are often more challenging to dry.

Another cool feature can be found in the Bosch 500 Series dishwashers with AutoAir Dry. 

At the end of the cycle, the dishwasher door slightly opens to let fresh air in, helping to speed up the drying process and reduce condensation.

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LG Dishwashers:

LG dishwashers also deliver great drying performance with some nifty technologies. 

The LG Top Control Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Dishwasher comes equipped with TrueSteam technology, using powerful steam to soften food residues and stains during the wash cycle, resulting in better drying. 

Some dishwashers go even further with their Hybrid Drying System. This system combines the power of TrueSteam with a condensation drying method. 

After the hot steam has done its job in cleaning, the dishwasher enters a final rinse, and the stainless steel tub walls are intentionally cooled. 

As a result, the steam condenses on the cooler walls and turns into water droplets. The moisture is then drained away from the dishes, leaving them dry and ready to use.

Some high-end LG models also come with the Dual Zone feature, which enables different drying intensities for the upper and lower racks.

While Bosch’s drying power is undeniable, I’ll go with LG this time around, as its tech is more advanced beyond the already effective Condensation Drying method. Drying Capacity isn’t a big factor for me, but I still like minimizing the chances of my dishes causing a mess.

Durability And Troubleshooting

Rating: Bosch – 4.9/5, LG – 4.8/5

Bosch Dishwashers:

Bosch has a stellar reputation for crafting dishwashers built to last. Their commitment to using high-quality materials and rigorous testing ensures long-term performance. 

Troubleshooting and diagnostics are a breeze (not that these washers break down often in the first place), with user-friendly error codes and comprehensive customer support. You even get a full-on Diagnostic Mode.

Plus, Bosch’s AquaStop feature provides added protection against leaks by automatically shutting off the water supply if a leak is detected.

LG Dishwashers:

LG dishwashers are no slouch in the durability department either! They employ robust components and smart technologies to enhance longevity. 

Troubleshooting and problem resolution are generally straightforward, with helpful error codes and ample online resources. 

LG’s Smart Diagnosis feature even allows users to troubleshoot minor issues by connecting the dishwasher to the LG SmartThinQ app.

As someone who values reliability and peace of mind, I can’t help but trust Bosch’s track record. My previous Bosch dishwasher never gave me any trouble. However, LG does offer a similar level of quality – you can’t go wrong with either brand.

Energy And Water Efficiency

Rating: Bosch – 4.9/5, LG – 4.7/5

Bosch Dishwashers:

Bosch dishwashers are renowned for their outstanding energy and water efficiency. 

Many models meet or exceed Energy Star standards, showcasing their commitment to sustainability. 

Bosch utilizes innovative technologies like the AquaSensor and LoadSensor, which optimize water usage based on the load and soil level, resulting in significant cost savings over time.

 With Bosch, you can be confident that you’re getting an eco-friendly appliance that reduces both energy and water consumption.

LG Dishwashers:

LG also prioritizes energy and water efficiency in their dishwashers. 

Many LG models are Energy Star certified, showing their own dedication to conserving resources. 

LG’s Inverter DirectDrive motor contributes to energy efficiency, reducing energy loss during operation. 

While LG is committed to being environmentally friendly, some of their dishwashers may use slightly more water than certain Bosch models due to variations in sensor technologies.

I’d definitely go for what Bosch offers. While LG also prioritizes eco-friendliness, Bosch’s track record makes it the clear winner in this category for me. I’ve personally had to pay the least amount of bills whenever I owned a Bosch washer.

Model Catalog

Rating: Bosch – 4.9/5, LG – 4.7/5

Bosch Dishwashers:

Bosch offers an extensive range of dishwasher models, including the 800 Series known for high-end features and advanced technologies like PrecisionWash and CrystalDry. 

The 500 Series provides a balance of features and affordability, while the 300 Series focuses on practicality and efficiency. 

If you only want premium performance and design, the Benchmark Series has that as well as innovative features like the MyWay rack. 

LG Dishwashers:

LG also boasts a diverse model catalog, including the QuadWash Series known for its powerful cleaning with four spray arms. 

The TrueSteam Series utilizes steam for tough stains, while the Top Control Series showcases premium designs and hidden controls. 

The Front Control Series offers simplicity and user-friendliness.

While both brands offer a decent selection, I’ve noticed that Bosch has a wider selection. And they have a lot more options, too. Only around 23 or so LG dishwashers are easy to get a hold of officially. So which do I think wins? LG comes close, as its selection is small but also effective and easy to choose from. But the win goes to Bosch for sheer numbers alone.

Smart or Convenience Features

Rating: Bosch – 4.9/5, LG – 4.8/5

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Bosch Dishwashers:

Bosch dishwashers bring the ease of modern living to your kitchen with their smart features. 

By connecting to Wi-Fi, you can control and keep an eye on your dishwasher using a simple smartphone app called Home Connect. 

It lets you customize wash cycles, get updates on the current cycle, and even troubleshoot if needed. 

What’s more, Bosch dishwashers seamlessly integrate with popular smart home platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, making your smart home experience even smoother.

Bosch also integrates innovative features, such as the InfoLight, which projects a small red dot onto the floor to indicate when the dishwasher is running, making it a convenient addition to any kitchen.

LG Dishwashers:

LG dishwashers also embrace smart technology with their convenient SmartThinQ feature. 

Through a user-friendly smartphone app, you can remotely manage and monitor your dishwasher. 

If something goes wrong, the app’s Smart Diagnosis feature helps identify and fix minor issues without any hassle.

And if you prefer hands-free control, some LG models support voice commands through AI assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

As a tech enthusiast, I appreciate the smart features in my Bosch dishwasher, especially the compatibility with various smart home platforms. The app for Bosch is also a little smoother to run- combined with that, it wins this round for me.

Number Of Wash Cycles And Unique Wash Cycles

Bosch Dishwasher Vs LG

Rating: Bosch – 4.7/5, LG – 4.9/5

Bosch Dishwashers:

Bosch dishwashers typically offer a diverse range of wash cycles to cater to various dishwashing needs. 

From standard cycles like Normal, Heavy, and Eco, to specialized cycles like Sanitize, Express, or Half Load, Bosch ensures versatility and effectiveness in every cleaning task. 

LG Dishwashers:

LG dishwashers also deliver a comprehensive selection of wash cycles, including Normal, Heavy, Delicate, Quick, and more. 

Unique cycles such as Dual Zone or Steam may be available in certain models, providing additional cleaning options.

LG’s QuadWash feature, with four spray arms, ensures thorough cleaning from all angles.

Bosch offers an enhanced version of your standard dishwasher cycles, but LG has its own ones that are more unique. And the thing I love about them? They’re definitely not gimmicks and can be extremely handy, so LG wins here.


Rating: Bosch – 4.5/5, LG – 4.5/5

Bosch Dishwashers:

Bosch typically offers a limited warranty covering parts and labor for a specific period, usually ranging from one to two years. 

Some Bosch models may come with extended warranties for certain components, offering additional peace of mind to consumers. 

The AquaStop feature, providing leak protection, often has a more extended warranty compared to other components.

LG Dishwashers:

LG offers a similar limited warranty, usually covering parts and labor for one to two years. 

Like Bosch, LG might also provide extended warranties for specific dishwasher components to enhance customer confidence in their products.

There is no clear winner in this category, as both brands offer comparable warranty coverage to assure customers of their dishwasher’s reliability. Both Bosch and LG have pretty standard warranties, making this category a tie for me.

Motor Efficiency

Rating: Bosch – 4.9/5, LG – 4.8/5

Bosch Dishwashers:

Bosch takes pride in their commitment to energy efficiency, and it shows in their dishwasher motors. 

The dishwashers are equipped with efficient brushless motors, which not only contribute to a quieter operation but also help save energy in the long run. 

The EcoSilence Drive system, a hallmark feature in many Bosch models, ensures smooth and efficient performance while consuming less power.

The advantage of brushless motors lies in their design, which reduces friction and energy loss, leading to improved motor efficiency. 

This means quieter cycles and lower utility bills, making Bosch dishwashers not only environmentally friendly but also wallet-friendly in the long term.

LG Dishwashers:

LG also puts a strong emphasis on motor efficiency in their dishwashers. 

Their Inverter DirectDrive system aims to provide reliable and energy-efficient performance. 

The use of direct-drive technology minimizes the need for belts and pulleys, leading to less energy wastage and a more streamlined motor operation.

While LG’s motors are efficient and capable of delivering satisfactory results, they might not be as silent as Bosch’s brushless motors, especially during heavy-duty cycles.

The motors from both dishwashers are designed well in general – you won’t be needing to change with spares anytime soon.

As someone who values both energy efficiency and a peaceful kitchen environment, the motor efficiency of a dishwasher is a big deal for me. Having used both Bosch and LG dishwashers, I can confidently say that Bosch’s brushless motor technology is impressive. The dishwasher runs smoothly and almost silently, allowing me to run cycles even during late-night hours without disturbing anyone in the house.

Ease Of Cleaning and Flexibility

Bosch Dishwasher Vs LG

Rating: Bosch – 4.9/5, LG – 4.8/5

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Bosch Dishwashers:

Bosch understands that nobody wants a dishwasher that’s a hassle to clean. 

They design their dishwashers with user-friendly features, making the cleaning process a walk in the park. 

The racks are thoughtfully designed, allowing you to easily adjust their positions to fit different types of dishes and cookware. 

This flexibility means you can load the dishwasher efficiently, making better use of its capacity.

The brand pays a lot of attention to the details that matter. The filters are simple to access and remove, making regular cleaning an easy task, too. 

You don’t need a degree in engineering to maintain your Bosch dishwasher properly.

They make it easy for you to keep it in top-notch condition without any fancy tools or complicated instructions.

LG Dishwashers:

LG also offers plenty of user convenience when it comes to cleaning their dishwashers. 

They offer thoughtful designs, allowing you to adjust the racks and loading options effortlessly.

This flexibility is great for accommodating odd-shaped dishes and larger items. 

Loading and unloading dishes is straightforward, so you won’t feel like you’re playing a Tetris game every time you use it.

Cleaning the filters in LG dishwashers is a simple task too. They’ve made it easy for users to access and clean the filters, ensuring your dishwasher continues to perform optimally. 

LG doesn’t want you to be intimidated by maintenance; they want you to enjoy the benefits of their dishwasher without any fuss.

I appreciate the straightforward design of my Bosch dishwasher. The ease of adjusting racks and cleaning filters is a huge plus for me.  While I haven’t used an LG dishwasher recently, I’ve heard positive things about their user-friendly designs as well. Overall, both Bosch and LG seem to excel in this aspect.

Customer Service Availability

Rating: Bosch – 4.5/5, LG – 4.5/5

Bosch Dishwashers:

Bosch takes customer service seriously, and they’ve got your back whenever you need help. 

Their customer support team is quick to respond, and you can reach them through phone, email, or live chat. 

If you’re troubleshooting an issue, their website has a helpful FAQ section and user manuals to guide you. 

Plus, they’ve got a network of authorized service centers and skilled technicians, so you know your dishwasher will be in good hands if it ever needs fixing. 

Getting spare parts is usually not a problem, so you won’t have to wait around too long for repairs.

LG Dishwashers:

LG cares about their customers too, and they’re always there to lend a hand. 

You can reach their customer support team through phone, email, or live chat as well. If you’re trying to fix something yourself, their website has guides to help you out. 

And just like Bosch, LG has authorized service centers and skilled technicians to take care of your dishwasher if anything goes wrong. 

Getting spare parts is usually hassle-free too, so you won’t be left waiting.

Both brands do a good job with customer service availability and quality, being such big brands. I’ve had my Bosch dishwasher fixed up before when I was a newbie to dishwashers, and I’ve had my LG stuff fixed too, not just the dishwasher I owned from them. So, I’ll happily give this one a tie.


Rating: Bosch – 4.7/5, LG – 4.7/5

Bosch Dishwashers:

Bosch dishwashers generally fall within the mid-to-premium price range. 

They offer good value for that price, with both superb features and high build quality. 

The price range for Bosch dishwashers is usually around $549.00 to $2,299.00

LG Dishwashers:

LG is a bit less expensive, coming in with a range of pricing options, including budget-friendly choices besides the higher-end models with advanced features. 

Their lineup starts from $549.00 to $1,899.00. 

The premium models are not too shabby, but their midrange and low-end models are the ones that shine the most.

This is a tie for me – I love saving money, but I also like making the best use of it, which is what I can do with both these brands thanks to the price-to-performance ratio of their products. The best brand simply depends on your budget in this regard.

Pros of Bosch Dishwashers Over LG:

  • Sturdier and Built to Last: Bosch dishwashers are tough and made with high-quality materials, so they’re less likely to break down and will serve you for a long time.
  • Quieter Cleaning: Bosch dishwashers are designed to be quieter when they run, so you won’t be bothered by loud noises while they do the dishes.
  • Save Water, Save Money: Bosch dishwashers use less water per wash, which is not only good for the environment but also helps reduce your water bill.
  • Great Cleaning Performance: Bosch dishwashers do an excellent job at cleaning dishes, even those with stubborn stains and grease, so your dishes come out sparkling clean.
  • Flexible and Adaptable: You can easily adjust the racks in Bosch dishwashers to fit different sizes and shapes of dishes, making it more convenient for you.

Cons of Bosch Dishwashers Over LG:

  • Higher Price: Bosch dishwashers are generally more expensive than some LG models, which might not be suitable for those on a tight budget.
  • Harder to Find: In some areas, it could be comparatively more challenging to find Bosch dishwashers, making it inconvenient if you need to replace or repair them.

Pros of LG Dishwashers Over Bosch:

  • Better Price Options: LG offers dishwashers at various price points, so you can find one that fits your budget better.
  • Better Drying: Drying performance is almost as important as cleaning performance – and the process LG uses also works even better at killing germs, which I particularly like.
  • Easy to Get: You can find LG dishwashers easily in many places, so it’s more convenient to buy and get them serviced if needed.

Cons of LG Dishwashers Over Bosch:

  • Durability Concerns: While LG dishwashers are generally good, some models might not be as tough as Bosch’s higher-end ones, meaning they might not last as long.
  • Louder Operation: Compared to certain Bosch models, LG dishwashers can be noisier when running, which might be bothersome if you want a quieter kitchen.

Which Is Better: Bosch or LG Dishwasher?

Which Is Better

It depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a dishwasher that’s tough and long-lasting, quieter, and water-efficient, Bosch is the way to go. 

But if you prefer a dishwasher with cool features, different price options, and a stylish design, then LG could be a better fit. 

Just think about your needs and budget before deciding.

Who Should Buy Bosch Dishwashers?

  • People who want a dishwasher that won’t break down easily and will last a long time.
  • If you care about having a quieter kitchen environment while the dishwasher is running.
  • Those who want to save on their water bills and be more eco-friendly with water usage.
  • If you need a dishwasher that can handle different sizes and shapes of dishes easily.
  • If you’re willing to spend a bit more for a dishwasher that does an excellent job of cleaning dishes.

Who Should Buy LG Dishwashers?

  • People who like modern and stylish-looking appliances in their kitchen.
  • If you’re into tech and want a dishwasher with cool features.
  • Those who want the convenience of easily finding and servicing their dishwasher.
  • If you want a dishwasher that does a good job without breaking the bank.


Who makes LG dishwashers?

LG dishwashers are made by LG Electronics, a company from South Korea that makes all sorts of electronic products and home appliances.

Are LG dishwashers reliable?

Yes, LG dishwashers are generally reliable. They are made with good technology and quality parts, so they usually work well. Sometimes, like with any appliance, there might be a problem, but LG is known for having good customer service to help fix any issues.

What is the lifespan of an LG dishwasher?

An LG dishwasher can last different amounts of time depending on how much you use it, how you take care of it, and what model you have. Usually, if you take good care of it, it can last between 7 to 12 years or even more before you might need to repair it or get a new one.

Are Bosch dishwashers dependable?

Yes, Bosch dishwashers are dependable and trustworthy. They are known for being well-built and doing a good job of cleaning dishes. People generally have good experiences with Bosch dishwashers because they work reliably and have some useful features.

Final Thoughts

Unlike with other brands, Bosch doesn’t truly beat LG – it only edges the brand out in most aspects slightly. 

So, you can consider a lot of choices from both brands. LG is just as outstanding with their dishwashers. 

It competes a lot better with Bosch than even Samsung does, so you won’t regret your purchase no matter what brand you go for. 

I hope this comparison helped you out a bit – good luck finding your perfect dishwasher!

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