Cove Dishwasher Vs Bosch: A True Rival For Bosch At Last

When it comes to dishwashers, Bosch has held their ground for years. 

So what happens with newcomers like Cove? Can they really compete, especially when even giants like LG and Samsung struggle to match up? 

To answer these burning questions, I’ll be diving into every crevice of Cove and Bosch dishwashers, and showing what they bring to the table.

In a nutshell, if meticulous drying and a long-lasting design are your priorities, Cove might be your top pick. On the flip side, if you value quietness and a trusted name, Bosch is hard to beat. 

So, let’s get started and see how these contenders measure up!

Cove Dishwasher Vs Bosch Dishwasher Comparison Chart

Cove Dishwasher Vs Bosch Dishwasher Comparison Chart

Here’s a quick look at the main details before we go into a more thorough analysis:

Cleaning EfficiencyAdvanced and superior.Thorough and efficient.
Drying PerformanceGood.Slightly superior.
Quietness LevelVirtually noiseless.Decently quiet.
FlexibilityVery good.Equally great
Control PanelGeneric wash programs.More specific options.
InstallationEasier to install.Slightly more effort.
Smart FeaturesSuper convenient.Equally convenient.
Energy EfficiencyMore energy-saving.Decent savings.
AestheticsSimple and attractive.Modern and practical.
ReliabilitySolid and lasting, with a short warranty.Durable and tested with a substantial warranty.
Product SelectionDiverse.Limited.
PricingAffordable to premiumPremium with value

Cove Dishwasher Vs Bosch: Digging Deeper

Cove Dishwasher Vs Bosch

Now, let’s do a more thorough analysis.

Cleaning Efficiency

Rating: Bosch – 4.9/5, Cove – 4.8/5


Bosch dishwashers employ remarkable technologies such as PrecisionWash and AquaSensor to ensure thorough and efficient cleaning. 

The PrecisionWash system utilizes intelligent sensors to optimize water usage and cleaning performance, while AquaSensor detects the level of soiling and adjusts the wash cycle accordingly. 

This results in consistently clean dishes, even in heavily soiled conditions.


Cove brings its own advanced cleaning technology, offering variable pressure and temperature control. 

This dynamic approach ensures that dishes are thoroughly cleaned, addressing stubborn residues effectively. 

The strategic placement of nozzles, dual pumps, and customizable tine options work harmoniously to deliver superior results.

Having personally dealt with tough, baked-on food residues, Bosch’s meticulous approach to cleaning stands out. The PrecisionWash mechanism consistently offers remarkable cleaning outcomes.

Drying Performance

Drying Performance

Rating: Bosch – 4.8/5, Cove – 4.9/5


Bosch utilizes condensation drying technology. Its drying performance is elevated by features such as the AutoAir feature, which automatically opens the door slightly after the cycle ends to facilitate the drying process. 

Additionally, the PerfectDry feature utilizes mineral compounds to enhance drying efficiency, ensuring dishes are dry and ready for storage.


Cove takes drying seriously, employing Hot Rinse and Fan-Assist technologies. 

These features collaborate to guarantee dishes emerge not only clean but also completely dry, reducing the effort required for drying by hand.

Both brands put effort into good drying. Between them, I’ve consistently found Cove’s drying performance to be just a bit superior at getting rid of residual moisture.

Quietness Level

Rating: Bosch – 4.9/5, Cove – 4.8/5


Bosch’s dishwashers redefine the meaning of silence, with many typically operating at 40-46 decibels. 

Some even go as low as 38 dB, like the SHE89PW75N model.  This level of quietness gets you an incredibly peaceful kitchen environment.


Cove’s dishwashers are pretty good too, boasting near-silent operation at noise levels as low as 42 decibels. 

This virtually noiseless performance takes the kitchen serenity to a new level. 

I’ve only owned Cove once, just to try their dishwasher out when the models were launched 4 years ago. Meanwhile, I’ve gone through plenty of Bosch dishwashers. The difference in decibels is pretty noticeable in real life, with Bosch washers keeping my kitchen an oasis of calm, even when running heavier cycles.

Flexibility And Other Convenience Features

Rating: Bosch – 4.8/5, Cove – 4.7/5


Bosch dishwashers offer adjustable racks, folding tines, and various loading options to accommodate different types of dishes. 

They also come with additional features like the MyWay third rack for extra loading space. 

Some models also have InfoLight, which points a red dot to the floor indicating whether the washer is running or not.


Cove dishwashers come with adjustable racks, fold-down tines, and versatile loading options. 

They also offer a third rack for efficient silverware loading and customizable configurations. 

These features work very similarly to Bosch, offering great solutions for holding different dish sizes and types.

The third rack is a great thing – during family gatherings, it becomes apparent how valuable this additional space is for silverware and smaller items, allowing for more efficient use of the dishwasher’s capacity. It’d be a tie, but Bosch still takes the lead for its extra features that are simple yet still useful.

Control Panel Location And Wash Cycles

Control Panel Location And Wash Cycles

Rating: Bosch – 4.7/5, Cove – 4.9/5


Bosch dishwashers feature the control panel on both the front and top of the door. 

They offer a range of wash cycles, including eco-friendly options, heavy-duty cycles, and more.


Cove dishwashers position the control panel on the top door edge, preventing accidental interruptions. 

The customizable wash programs offer tailored cleaning for various loads – they’re a bit more specific, such as Pots & Pans, China/Crystal and Plastics.

Cove’s top-edge control panel design is a thoughtful solution to a common issue. The additional advantage of extensive wash programs gives it a little more of an edge over Bosch’s generic though fairly powerful wash programs.

Installation And User-friendliness

Rating: Bosch – 4.9/5, Cove – 4.7/5


Bosch dishwashers are generally straightforward to install and come with detailed user manuals. 

Their designs are intuitive, and the units are easy to operate. Even better, they’re very easy to use even for first-timers.


Cove dishwashers are designed for user-friendliness and come with comprehensive installation guides. 

You can install them yourself, though they take slightly more effort than Bosch.

Bosch takes the win for easier installation. Think about it – the brand’s been making dishwashers for a long time. Even without technicians, you can do a lot by yourself thanks to all the tutorials that are lying around on the internet. Cove is relatively new, so good instructions take a bit of effort to find.

Smart And Special Features

Smart And Special Features

Rating: Bosch – 4.9/5, Cove – 4.9/5


Bosch’s integration of smart features, including Home Connect for remote monitoring, adds an extra layer of convenience to their dishwashers. 

Some models even offer leak protection and compatibility with Amazon Alexa for voice control.


Cove’s comprehensive approach to smart features, from built-in Wi-Fi to customizable wash programs, is also aligned with modern lifestyles. 

The ability to monitor and activate cycles remotely can add a lot of efficiency to someone’s daily routines.

I’m with both brands in this regard. Being someone who is often busy, I appreciate smart control tech no matter how advanced it is or not. Both brands offer equally convenient and thorough variations of such functions, and that’s not to mention all the other high-tech features they come with. 

Energy Efficiency

Rating: Bosch – 4.8/5, Cove – 4.7/5


Bosch’s commitment to energy efficiency is reflected in the ENERGY STAR® certification of many of their models. 

This certification attests to their dedication to minimizing energy consumption. 

Bosch Dishwashers also come with special energy-saving features, such as EcoSilence.


Cove’s energy efficiency shines through their range of ENERGY STAR® certified models. 

Their variable pressure and temperature control contribute to optimized energy usage.

While Cove does offer good savings overall, it’s not specially designed with that in mind – there’s no specific feature that brings down energy usage. For that, I’ll give Bosch the win. 

Aesthetics And Practical Value Of Design

Aesthetics Design

Rating: Bosch – 4.9/5, Cove – 4.7/5


Bosch’s dishwashers offer simple yet attractive designs that seamlessly integrate into various kitchen aesthetics. 

Customizable elements cater to diverse style preferences. They also take up a lot less space than standard dishwashers.


Cove’s dishwashers provide modern aesthetics with customizable handles, cabinetry options, and interior configurations, enhancing the overall aesthetic and practicality of the appliance.

I haven’t seen that many variations across Cove’s dishwashers, though that’s to be expected since the brand’s still fresh. If you want something that goes well with the look of your kitchen, you’d have better luck if you look through Bosch’s wider selection.

Reliability And Longevity

Rating: Bosch – 4.8/5, Cove – 4.7/5


Bosch’s reputation for reliability is upheld by their solid warranties and lasting performance. 

They are known for producing durable appliances that stand the test of time. 

Of course, that’s to be expected, as the brand’s been around for over a century.


Cove’s dedication to durability is backed by rigorous testing that ensures a 20-year life expectancy, even with daily use. 

The parent company of Cove, Sub-Zero, is over 77 years old as well. However, they’ve started Cove and have only been dabbling in dishwashers since 2019.

I haven’t had a Cove for very long, but I’ve definitely got extended experience with Bosch washers. Even had one for 4 years straight, before I moved to another dishwasher to try other tech. In all that time, my Bosch washer never broke down on me. So, because of my personal experience, I’d put Bosch at the top in this regard.

Product Selection

Rating: Bosch – 4.8/5, Cove – 4.6/5


Being so old, Bosch’s offerings are vast compared to Cove, and all the other dishwasher brands on the market. 

You can find plenty with premium features, as well as ones with simple yet powerful cleaning performance. 

The best thing is that there are all types – Semi-Integrated, Fully Integrated as well as Freestanding ones.


Cove dishwashers are harder to come by, and there aren’t a lot of types as well – you’ll mostly be limited to Built-In Dishwashers. 

So they’re only good if you want something for your cabinet. 

You’ll probably be disappointed if you have very specific requirements in terms of features, too.

Bosch is definitely better here – I had to look quite deep to find out more about Cove washers and make sure I covered everything about them. That might change, though, since the brand’s just new, but for now, Bosch offers the most models and they’re the easiest to get a hold of.


Rating: Bosch – 4.8/5, Cove – 4.9/5


Bosch’s reputable standing in the market as a producer of quality appliances is reflected in their customer trust. 

Their warranties typically offer great coverage, though these warranties are only limited to a year.


Cove’s strong brand reputation is reinforced by their comprehensive warranty, including a 5-year coverage period that instills confidence in their product’s quality and durability.

While both brands are known for reliability, Cove’s extensive testing process and the warranty might give you more peace of mind if you want something substantial. 
However, if you like Bosch, you can still go for their washers. They have impeccable customer service that’s responsive and easy to get a hold of no matter where you are. You might not even need to go there, as Bosch’s experience makes their dishwashers pretty solid even if they can’t add more than a year of warranty.


Rating: Bosch – 4.8/5, Cove – 4.9/5


Bosch offers a range of dishwashers catering to different budgets, from affordable options to premium models. 

While quality remains consistent, premium models can lean toward higher pricing tiers.


Cove is positioned as a premium brand, reflected in its pricing structure. 

The higher cost is justifiable through its incorporation of advanced features, innovative design, and lasting durability.

Well, not much to say here. Considering the quality of both brands, you won’t go wrong regardless of the budget segment you pick a washer from. I’ll still give Cove a small win just because of its price-to-value performance.

Pros of Cove Dishwashers Over Bosch

Pros of Cove Dishwashers Over Bosch

So, what makes Cove dishwashers stand out over Bosch? Let’s check them out:

  • Super Precise Cleaning: Cove lets you tweak the pressure and temperature for cleaning. Say goodbye to stubborn stains.
  • No More Towel-Drying: With Cove’s Hot Rinse and Fan-Assist tag team, dishes come out not only clean but bone-dry. 
  • Built to Last: Cove’s so confident in their dishwashers that they’re designed for a 20-year lifespan. And they sweeten the deal with a 5-year warranty.

Cons of Cove Dishwashers Over Bosch

But, as with everything, there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Pricey Pick: Cove’s fancy features come at a cost. These dishwashers can be a bit heavy on the wallet.
  • Not the Quietest: While quiet, Cove doesn’t hush up like Bosch’s stealthy operation.
  • Less Familiar: Cove is making waves, but Bosch’s long-standing reputation might feel more reassuring to some.

Pros of Bosch Dishwashers Over Cove

Pros of Bosch Dishwashers Over Cove

So, what’s Bosch got going for it? Here’s the scoop:

  • Budget-Friendly Variety: Bosch offers dishwashers for every pocket, making sure quality doesn’t break the bank.
  • Well-Known Name: Bosch has been around the block, earning its stripes in the appliance game.
  • Hush-Hush Operation: Bosch operates at incredibly low decibels. It’s like having a ninja in your kitchen, quietly getting the job done.

Cons of Bosch Dishwashers Over Cove

Of course, Bosch isn’t without its own quirks:

  • Not as Customizable: Bosch’s Wash Cycle design is good, but Cove takes customization to the next level.
  • Drying Differences: Bosch’s drying might leave a touch of moisture, unlike Cove’s impressive Hot Rinse and Fan-Assist tag team.

Is Cove or Bosch Better?

Is Cove or Bosch Better

So, which one’s better, Cove or Bosch? Well, they both bring their A-game, just in different ways. 

Cove brings innovation with cleaning control, quietness, and long-term durability. 

Bosch throws affordability, variety, and a well-known name into the mix. Your choice depends on what you value most in a dishwasher.

So, are Cove dishwashers good despite only just having come into the market? 

Totally! Even though they’re new, Cove’s making heads turn with their fresh take on dishwashers. 

They’ve come out swinging with cool features and quality that’s worth considering.


How long do Bosch dishwashers last? 

Bosch dishwashers typically have a lifespan of around 10-12 years with proper maintenance.

What is the life expectancy of a Cove dishwasher? 

Cove dishwashers are designed with a life expectancy of up to 20 years, even with daily use.

Why are Cove dishwashers so expensive? 

They aren’t, but sometimes their price does go up since they’re not easy to come by.

What brands are comparable to Bosch? 

Comparable brands to Bosch include Samsung, KitchenAid, LG, Miele and Whirlpool, offering a range of features and price points.

Who manufactures Cove dishwashers? 

Cove dishwashers are manufactured by Sub-Zero Group, a company known for its high-end kitchen appliances.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Cove has proven that being the new kid on the block doesn’t mean standing in the shadows. 

With its innovative features, quality commitment, and durability focus, Cove has the potential to surpass even the dishwasher king, Bosch, a remarkable achievement considering Samsung and LG haven’t achieved that.

While Bosch has its own strengths, Cove’s approach suggests that it’s not just here to compete – it’s here to redefine the game. 

So, keep an eye on Cove; it’s showing that it’s not about how long a brand’s been around, but how well it brings fresh ideas to the table. 

It might even straight-out outdo Bosch one day.

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