GE Dishwasher Control Board LED Codes: Going Through All

GE Dishwashers are generally rock-solid, but it’s always handy to have a cheat sheet for those LED codes. 

In this post, I’ve got your back, breaking down the meanings of each code. 

Let’s keep it simple and dive into the details!

GE Dishwasher Control Board Led Codes Meaning

Without further ado, let’s get to the main portion of the post.

Meaning of Blinking/Flashing Light Codes on GE Control Board

Sometimes, you’ll get these codes instead of numbers or letters. What do they mean? Let me explain.

  • Yellow Light Flashing and Beeping

For a flashing yellow light and beeping, your control module may be faulty. 

To fix, disconnect power, note your dishwasher’s model, get a replacement control module, follow installation instructions, reconnect, and check for issues.

  • Blinking “Start” or “Start/Reset” Light

Blinking “Start” light signals a reset. Wait for shutdown completion; the dishwasher returns to normal.

  • Sanitize Light Blinking

A blinking “Sanitize” light indicates a temperature problem. 

Diagnose, order a replacement heating coil or sensor, follow your manual for installation, and check for proper sanitizing temperature.

  • All Lights + 888 Flashing

Flashing lights with “888” means a communication error. 

Check for a blown fuse on the control board. Replace it, reconnect power, and troubleshoot further online if needed.

Meaning Of Error Codes That Appear On Control Panel Display

  • 1H

The dishwasher displays “1H” when it’s in Delay Start mode, indicating a programmed delay before the washing cycle starts. This is a normal feature, and no action is required.

  • C1

If the pump-out during drainage takes more than 2 minutes, the dishwasher shows this particular code to highlight a potential blockage. 

Clean the air gap, adjust or replace the hose, and run the disposer. If the issue persists, check the drain hose for further obstructions.

  • C2 

A total pump-out cycle exceeding 7 minutes triggers the “C2” code. Press RESET to stop the alert and resume normal operation.

  • C3

The dishwasher displays this one when it encounters problems draining. Disconnect power for 30 seconds, then reset. Inspect the drain hose for kinks and clear any debris.

  • C4

After a power failure, if the dishwasher fills twice, “C4” appears. Touch start, then cancel/reset. Tap the float cover and check the sump for debris.

  • C5

The code “C5” indicates insufficient pump-out time. Check if the water supply is on. Retry the same cycle, tapping on the float cover to address sticking issues. 

  • C6

When the water temperature is below 120°F, “C6” is displayed. Run the adjacent faucet, adjust the water heater, and avoid using other hot water appliances simultaneously.

  • C7

For an inoperative water temperature sensor circuit, “C7” appears. Disconnect power, reset, and check the sensor or wiring if the issue persists.

  • C8

The C8 code indicates a blocked detergent cup. Remove the obstruction, close the door, and wait for 30 seconds for the cup to open.

  • PF Code

In case of a power failure, the dishwasher displays “PF.” Select your desired cycle, press the Start pad, and the dishwasher will function normally.

  • Cup Open

If the detergent cup remains open, the dishwasher shows this code. Add detergent, latch the cup closed, and press the start pad again without opening the door.

  • FTD or F56

If your GE dishwasher did not drain properly, these codes appear. Check the drain hose, air gap, and disposer for blockages. Clear any obstructions for proper drainage.


A possible leak triggers these codes. If displayed, inspect under the dishwasher for visible leaks.

  • H2O 

The “H2O” error in GE dishwashers indicates a low water level. If it appears during a 1-Hour Wash cycle, schedule service. Otherwise, check for kinks in the inlet water hose. 

  • PrS 

The code “PrS” points to a pressure sensor issue. Inspect wiring and connections.


How to test GE dishwasher control board?

To test a GE dishwasher control board, power up the dishwasher, check the main board’s LED for steady illumination (indicating “no communication with UI board”), power off, wait 10 seconds, connect the UI board, and power on. If it still works, the UI board may not have been operating perfectly.

How much is a control board for a GE dishwasher?

For a GE dishwasher control board, prices vary. Doing the replacement yourself can cost up to $300 for the part, with an additional $200 if a technician is involved. The cost depends on the model and where you buy the part.

Final Thoughts

There you go – I hope you’ve learned a good amount of new info, and that I’ve helped you out if your washer’s currently in trouble. 

The codes are pretty easy to guess, and the flashes are there by design, they’ll easily help you get your dishwasher up and running again whenever it starts acting wonky.

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