Cove Dishwasher Locked: Unlocking Made Easy

Unresponsive buttons on your dishwasher can be a real headache, especially when you’re in a hurry to get those dishes cleaned. 

No big deal, though! Let me show you how to unlock your Cove dishwasher and get it back in business.

Why Does Your Cove Dishwasher Display Locked  Message? 

If your Cove dishwasher is showing a “Locked” message, it’s because the child lock feature is on.

When the child lock is active, the control panel gets locked, and most buttons won’t work. 

It’s a good feature for preventing unintended starts or interruptions during a wash cycle, especially in homes with little children.

How To Unlock Cove Dishwasher?

To deactivate this mode, simply press and hold the Heavy button for about 10 seconds until you see “Child Lock: Off” on the display.


Is Sabbath mode and Child Lock mode the same on cove dishwashers?

No, Sabbath mode is for religious observances like the Sabbath or Yom Tov, ensuring Star-K compliance. According to Star-K, the unit has to start up in this mode during power failures. Child lock is just for safety, locking the control panel to prevent accidental use. You can’t use both at the same time, either.

Final Thoughts

There you go—unlocking your Cove dishwasher is a breeze, bringing you back to seamless dishwashing without the hassle of unresponsive buttons.

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