Cove VS Miele Dishwasher: Does Cove Beat The German Giant?

Cove’s about value with smart features and superb durability, while Miele brings German engineering, affordability, and extra convenience features.

I’ve tried out the Cove DW2540 and Miele G7156 myself, and to give you the full picture, I’ll mix in my personal experiences with insights from checking out other Miele and Cove dishwashers owned by friends. 

Keep reading to get all the details!

Cove Vs Miele Dishwasher: Comparison Table

Here’s a quick rundown of the differences before we dig deeper. 

CleaningVersatile, effective.Efficient, challenges with tough stains.
DryingThorough, slight dip when loaded.Good, slight residual moisture.
EnergySlightly high when the heated fan is on.Lower power drain, Energy Star rating.
NoiseExtremely quiet (41 dB).Decently low noise production (43 dB).
CapacityAdjustable, mostly general features.Better-designed storage space for more capacity.
DurabilityDurable, minor issues.Not as durable, reported component problems.
Smart FeaturesAdvanced Wi-Fi.Efficient controls, informative display.
DesignSleek, customizable.Traditional, fingerprint-resistant.
PriceFeature-rich, higher.Affordable, good value midrange.
Warranty1 to 5 years.1 to 3 years.

Miele Vs Cove Dishwasher: A Deeper Look

Now, what does that all mean? Let me break everything down for you!

Cleaning Performance

  • Rating: Cove (4.9/5), Miele (4.7/5)

Cove’s got a solid lineup of 12 wash cycles, covering everything from heavy-duty scrubbing to energy-efficient runs. 

The Intensity ProWash system handles stubborn stains well, though some say it could be a bit gentler on delicate glassware.

Despite being new, this brand’s dish-cleaning capacity still goes toe to toe with the more established Miele.

Miele’s QuickIntenseWash program delivers swift and efficient cleaning in just 58 minutes. 

While it excels in efficiency, handling the toughest stains might be a tad challenging. 

The limited wash cycle options compared to Cove could be a minor drawback for those seeking a more varied selection.

Drying Performance

  • Rating: Cove (4.7/5), Miele (4.6/5)

Cove’s Precision Dry system, paired with a heated fan, ensures dishes come out thoroughly dried. 

However, it’s worth noting that the drying performance might see a slight dip when the dishwasher is fully loaded.

Miele has generally good drying power, though it’s particularly handy for glassware and plastics with its Extra Dry cycle. 

However, I’ve noticed it does leave a hint of residual moisture when doing larger loads. 

If you want the best drying power, it’d be better if you just stick to Cove.

Energy Efficiency

  • Rating: Cove (4.7/5), Miele (4.8/5)

While Cove’s Intensity ProWash system optimizes water usage, the heated fan drying option could nudge up the energy consumption. 

The drain seems balanced but still may not be the most energy-efficient choice. 

Miele, on the other hand, has slightly lower levels of power drain. 

It works similarly, but it also comes with an Energy Star certification, which many of Cove’s options don’t offer. 

Noise Level

  • Rating: Cove (4.8/5), Miele (4.6/5)

Operating at a commendable 41 dB silence rating, Cove ensures a disturbance-free environment.

Miele lives up to its reputation with an extremely quiet operation as well, ensuring a peaceful kitchen ambiance throughout its cycles.

However, even the G7156 series, despite being one of its best lineups, can only go down to 43 dB, which is still commendable. 

Capacity and Size

  • Rating: Cove (4.7/5), Miele (4.9/5)

Cove has a flexible interior with an adjustable upper rack as well as a cutlery tray.

Larger items are slightly harder to put in, but you can still do that with little effort in the end.

Miele’s 3D+ Cutlery Tray offers adaptability as well, even offering easy loading of larger items. It’s not a basic cutlery tray like Cove, though.

The 3D+ tray makes Miele’s washers stand out in terms of storage.

It was one of my favorite features with my old Miele washer – the height, width and even depth were adjustable, making it easy to load in just about anything. 

And to top that off, loading small items was extra convenient as well, thanks to the height-adjustable side section.

Durability and Reliability

  • Rating: Cove (4.7/5), Miele (4.2/5)

Cove is a part of Sub Zero, which is an American brand. 

That means the products don’t cheap out on the durability side. 

I hadn’t run into many serious issues, just a slight drainage problem which is common with Cove washers. It was easy to fix, though.

Cove’s leak protection system adds a layer of safety as well. 

Miele’s precision engineering is supposed to offer reliability, but my experience with it in terms of durability isn’t as glowing. 

With me knowing how to take care of washers well, I never ran into trouble with mine.

However, I’ve come across some users who had to deal with failing internal components. 

Not to mention, the entire Miele Optima lineup appears to be prone to problems.

So, considering all that, Cove wins since it only comes with relatively minor issues.

Features And Modes

  • Rating: Cove (4.4/5), Miele (4.7/5)

With Cove, you get the standard stuff like a Child Lock and Delay Start. 

There’s also a Sabbath mode for special occasions. Besides that though, their washers don’t offer anything noteworthy.

Miele, though, comes with a lot of extra convenience. Their AutoDos system ensures precise detergent dispensing, contributing to a consistently high cleaning standard. 

It doesn’t just take care of your detergent dispensing, though. 

There’s also automatic load sensing, which helps you optimize resource usage. 

Smart Features

  • Rating: Cove (4.8/5), Miele (4.7/5)

Cove offers advanced Wi-Fi connectivity, you can operate it even through somewhat long ranges.

Miele stands out with the DirectSelect controls, offering efficiency.  

There’s a clean-looking display that offers a lot of useful info.

Alongside that, it can also show you the predicted water and power usage based on whatever program you select. 


  • Rating: Cove (4.7/5), Miele (4.8/5)

Both Cove and Miele dishwashers boast sleek, modern designs.

Cove emphasizes customizable configurations, providing users with options to match their aesthetic preferences.

However, some users find the control panel layout less intuitive.

Miele’s design isn’t anything to write home about, but it’s still clean. If you’re into traditional-leaning designs, you might like this brand more. 

Plus, it also has an exterior that doesn’t need much cleaning – as the exterior uses CleanTouch Steel finish. That means that your fingerprints won’t be smudging as much.

Price and Value

  • Rating: Cove (4.6/5), Miele (4.8/5)

Cove has feature-rich options at fairly high prices. I bought their best model, the DW2450 for $2,610 MSRP. 

Despite that though, I think I managed to pull the money’s worth with over 3 years of use before I switched to a Bosch dishwasher that I wanted to try out.

Miele has a more affordable lineup of products, with good midrange models like the G7156SCVISF costing around $1,899. 

I’d suggest spending the extra cash and waiting out to get Cove instead.


  • Rating: Cove (4.9/5), Miele (4.7/5)

Cove, being relatively newer in the market, sweetens the deal with an extended warranty, with many models boasting a generous 5-year coverage. 

This reflects confidence in their product’s durability and performance. If you’re seeking an extra layer of assurance, Cove’s warranty offering is worth going for.

Miele only offers warranties ranging from 1 to 3 years. Models coming with longer coverage are much harder to find.

Service and Repair/Customer support

  • Rating: Cove (4.7/5), Miele (4.3/5)

Cove has garnered positive attention for its customer support. 

BBB data suggests a more favorable impression compared to Miele (For Sub Zero, its parent brand, Cove doesn’t have its own BBB page), with fewer reported complaints – just 42 complaints in 3 years. 

However, being a newer brand, Cove’s direct support might be limited in certain regions.

Meanwhile, Miele, despite its reputation for quality, has faced its share of challenges. 

The brand has had up to a whopping 222 complaints reported to the BBB in a 3-year period. 

While Miele’s global presence contributes to widespread service availability, the number of complaints makes it seem a bit concerning.

I remember seeing much fewer complaints about it a year ago.

The direct support network is more extensive but doesn’t necessarily translate to a flawless customer service experience.

Are Cove Dishwashers The Best Choice For You?

If you’re up for a dishwasher that comes with all the bells and whistles, Cove might just be your thing. It’s got that sleek look, customizable insides, and even Wi-Fi for the tech-savvy. 

There’s even an extended warranty to keep you worry-free. 

Cove is for those who want the top-tier stuff, don’t mind paying a bit extra, and like a touch of modern vibes in their kitchen.

Are Miele Dishwashers The Right Choice For You?

Miele could be your go-to if you’re all about an established brand, affordability, and a hint of classic style. 

It’s efficient, won’t break the bank, and that CleanTouch Steel finish? Easy to keep looking sharp.

But hey, watch out for some reported hiccups with parts, and the warranty isn’t the longest. 

Miele suits those who want adjustability, a good deal, and a timeless look in their kitchen.


What are some important factors you need to consider before buying a dishwasher?

When getting a dishwasher, think about size, energy efficiency, and noise. Check reviews for cleaning and drying. Choose user-friendly controls, consider the brand, stick to your budget, and look for useful features like adjustable racks. Don’t forget to check the warranty.

Which dishwasher brand has the highest customer satisfaction between Cove and Miele?

Cove does, it’s reliable and offers a decent set of features.

Which is the most repair-prone dishwasher brand between Miele and Cove?

Miele is. Its intake solenoid valve needs to be replaced often.

What is the life expectancy of Cove and Miele dishwashers?

Dishwashers from both brands are supposed to last 20 years. Although in reality, that might be true for Cove only. Miele ones seem like they’ll rather last 10-15 years instead.

Has there been any recall on Miele and Cove dishwashers?

There was no recall for Miele’s dishwashers, but there was one recall in 2021 for Cove. According to records from U.S. CPSC, it was because of them having a higher risk of fire hazards.

Is Bosch a better brand of dishwasher than Cove and Miele?

Bosch used to go head-to-head with Miele, but the latter’s washer quality has declined this year. I’d say that it’s a close call when it comes to Cove vs Bosch dishwashers, though. 

Final Thoughts

Considering everything, Cove wins in a landslide. It comes with reliability, value, and high-tech features as well as a proven track record. 

Of course, Miele isn’t a bad idea either. Just try the model I used and you should be fine – who knows, you might end up becoming a fan of its automatic features!

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