GE Vs Maytag Dishwasher: How Different Are They?

Thinking of getting a dishwasher and having your sights set on Maytag and GE? If you can’t figure out the right pick between both, I’m just the person you need!

So, which one should you get? Well, it depends on what floats your boat. 

If you prioritize pristine and dry dishes at a budget-friendly rate, Maytag has your back. On the flip side, if you’re into convenience, GE might be your go-to option, as it gets you plenty of bells and whistles mixed in with cutting-edge cleaning tech that rivals Maytag.

If you want to know what I mean by all that, keep reading! I’ll go through all the specific features.

GE VS Maytag Dishwasher Quick Comparison Table

Here’s a brief overview of everything:

Cleaning PerformanceExcellent stain removal.Generally good cleaning.
Drying PerformanceGood drying options.Excellent drying.
Energy EfficiencyDecent energy efficiency.Competitive, eco options.
Noise LevelsQuiet operation, extra hush.Quiet operation.
Capacity and SizeImpressive tall tub design, decently spacey.Spacey with extra features that allow better arrangement.
Durability and ReliabilitySturdy build.Sturdy build with extra features for durability.
Smart FeaturesReal-time alerts, smart home.Remote control.
Design and StyleCustom panels, elegant.Sleek and modern.
Price and ValuePremium features, pricier.Budget-friendly.
WarrantyStandard with optionsClear terms and conditions.
Service and SupportMixed customer support.Reliable but parts are easier to come by for new models.

GE Vs Maytag Dishwasher: Deep Dive Into Details 

Now, let’s go through every factor one by one. 

Cleaning Performance

  • Rating: GE (4.9/5), Maytag (4.7/5)

GE dishwashers provide diverse wash cycles catering to different needs, including heavy-duty stain removal, normal, rinse, and sanitize options. 

Models like the GE Profile PDT755SYRFS stand out with advanced features like an antimicrobial coating and a steam and sanitize function, ensuring thorough cleaning. 

The heavy cycle on the GE Profile PDP715SBNTS is also notable, effectively removing stains like pureed spinach. 

However, some GE models have faced reliability concerns and varying cleaning power, so careful model selection is crucial.

Maytag dishwashers, meanwhile, offer practical wash cycles such as Normal, Heavy, Light, and a convenient 1-Hour Wash, catering to different cleaning needs. 

The Maytag MDB8959SKZ boasts solid cleaning performance and excellent drying, making it a reliable choice. 

Models like the Maytag Dual Power Dishwasher and the portable Maytag MDC4809PAB deliver impressive wash results, particularly in specific cycles.

However, surveys also show that some models have drawbacks like longer cycle times and occasional cleaning power issues, requiring careful consideration.

In my experience, GE’s powerful stain removal and cutting-edge features make it the winner here. While Maytag holds its ground, GE’s innovation sets it apart, making it my preferred choice.

Drying Performance

  • Rating: GE (4.8/5), Maytag (4.9/5)

When it comes to drying options, GE dishwashers provide users with versatile choices. 

Their Dry Boost technology stands out, offering exceptional drying performance, albeit potentially at the cost of extended cycle time. 

Alternatively, the heated dry option and natural convection airflow provide reliable alternatives, catering to different preferences. 

Additionally, some models like the GE Profile PDT755SYRFS model include a steam and sanitize feature, enhancing its overall utility.

In the Maytag lineup, their dishwashers shine with the PowerDry option, effectively combining heat and a fan for thorough drying. 

The extended dry option, especially when used with rinse aid, significantly reduces water spots, ensuring a spotless finish. 

Particularly noteworthy is the Maytag MDB8959SKZ model, excelling at drying plastic items due to its optional heated-dry cycles.

In my books, Maytag takes the cake in the drying department. Maytag wins for its potent drying combo of heat and fan, with the extended dry option sealing the deal. GE follows closely with its Dry Boost tech. The former’s efficient drying makes it my top choice, though GE offers solid features 

Energy Efficiency

  • Rating: GE (4.7/5), Maytag (4.9/5)

Maytag dishwashers, particularly models with ENERGY STAR certification, have consistently scored high ratings from authentic sources.

One notable feature is the Soil Sensor, present in various Maytag models, which optimizes water and energy usage based on the dirtiness of the dishes.

On the GE front, they’ve also made strides in energy efficiency. Several of their dishwashers are ENERGY STAR certified, ensuring they meet stringent energy efficiency standards. 

GE models often incorporate features like Delay Start, allowing users to schedule wash cycles during off-peak hours when energy costs are lower. 

Additionally, some GE dishwashers come equipped with an Eco Dry option, which adjusts the drying time and temperature to save energy without compromising drying performance.

It’s a close call, but Maytag wins for me in the energy efficiency game – GE’s Eco Dry isn’t as advanced as the Soil Sensor is.

Noise Levels

  • Rating: GE (4.9/5), Maytag (4.6/5)

GE dishwashers come equipped with various noise-reduction features, which can make for a quieter kitchen experience. 

These models typically operate at around 45 to 50 decibels (dB), which is relatively quiet. 

Some advanced models, like the GE Profile PDT785SYNFS, feature an Ultra Quiet sound package (at 39 dB), ensuring a hushed operation even during heavy-duty cycles. 

This is a great option if you prefer a peaceful kitchen environment.

On the Maytag side, their dishwashers also offer competitive noise reduction technology. 

Maytag models tend to have noise levels in the 47 to 51 dB range. 

Notably, some models, like the Maytag MDB8989SHZ, boast a Quiet 48 dB rating. This ensures a quiet operation while maintaining efficiency. 

GE wins here with its Ultra Quiet design, ensuring a super quiet kitchen. Maytag’s Quiet at 50 dB is good too, but GE offers that extra hush. So, if quiet is your priority, GE is the way to go!

Capacity and Size

  • Rating: GE (4.6/5), Maytag (4.8/5)

GE’s standout feature is its impressive tall tub design, providing ample space for larger items like pans and pots. 

The GE GDT665SSNSS model, for example, showcases this spacious interior, ensuring you can fit in your bulkier dishes with ease. 

There’s nothing else notable with GE’s capacity besides that, though. 

On the Maytag side, models like the MDB8989SHZ come with a spacious interior and a tiered upper rack, providing a smart layout for fitting in large and oddly shaped items. 

Maytag also offers the Dual Power Filtration feature, which I think adds to its superiority in this factor. 

The 100% filtration on both the upper and lower racks gives you chances to use more space without compromising on cleaning performance.

For me, Maytag takes the crown in the capacity and size department. Their clever use of space, especially with tiered racks and Dual Power Filtration, is a game-changer. While GE’s adjustable racks are good, Maytag’s innovation gives it a clear edge in my book.

Durability And Reliability

  • Rating: GE (4.8/5), Maytag (4.9/5)

GE dishwashers, such as the GE GDF570SSJSS and GE GDP615HSMSS, are designed with sturdy stainless steel tubs that enhance durability, resisting wear and tear over time. 

Some GE models incorporate advanced filtration systems that help prevent clogs and improve the longevity of internal components.

Maytag dishwashers, like the MDB8959SKZ feature dual power filtration system. 

These systems actively filter out food particles, ensuring that the dishwasher’s interior remains clean and free of debris. 

This not only enhances cleaning performance but also contributes to the dishwasher’s long-term reliability.

Some models, like the Maytag MDB7959SHZ, include a fingerprint-resistant stainless steel exterior, keeping your dishwasher looking sleek and clean even with everyday use.

That’s probably why I’ve seen more positive consumer reports for Maytag washers across the board.

So, to me, Maytag stands out for its enduring reliability. GE, while solid and just as old as Maytag, doesn’t consistently match up since their durability features are a bit more basic. So, for durability, my bet is on Maytag.

Convenience Features And Options

  • Rating: GE (4.9/5), Maytag (4.6/5)

GE dishwashers come packed with convenient features. Models like the GE GDP665SYNFS  offer upper adjustable racks, allowing you to customize the interior to fit various dish sizes and shapes. 

GE models, like the one I just mentioned, boast a third rack, providing extra space for utensils and small items. 

The advanced bottle jets in certain models, like the GE GDT695SSJSS, are also a great feature – they’re designed to clean hard-to-reach areas inside bottles and tall glasses effectively.

On the Maytag side, their dishwashers offer impressive features too. 

Many Maytag models feature a PowerBlast® cycle, an intensive cleaning option designed to tackle tough, baked-on foods. 

Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t seem to offer many options with Adjustable Racks. You can only raise or lower the upper rack with the rack adjustment kit.

My take? GE wins with its versatile features like adjustable racks and a third rack, making dishwashing a breeze. Maytag’s PowerBlast® cycle is great, but GE’s practicality gives it the edge in my opinion.

Smart Features

  • Rating: GE (4.8/5), Maytag (4.7/5)

GE’s dishwashers, like the GE Profile PDT775SYNFS, offer seamless smart home integration and real-time alerts, allowing you to control and monitor your dishwasher from anywhere. 

Maytag, with models like the Maytag MDB9959SKZ, provides convenient remote control features but lacks the immediacy of real-time alerts, making it slightly less connected.

So, I’d recommend GE if you like a connected home! GE’s immediate notifications make it a more responsive and connected choice for users seeking a truly integrated smart home experience. 

Design And Style

  • Rating: GE (4.9/5), Maytag (4.9/5)

GE dishwashers, especially models like the GE Profile GDT226SILII, come with the flexibility of custom panels.

This feature adds a touch of elegance, ensuring your dishwasher blends seamlessly into your kitchen’s overall aesthetic.

On the other hand, Maytag dishwashers, including the Maytag MDB8959SKZ, focus on a sleek and modern design. 

While they might not offer custom panel options, they often feature stainless steel finishes and intuitive control panels, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your kitchen space.

I’d call this a tie since both brands offer dishwashers with generally good design. Your choice depends on whether you prefer a tailored, integrated look or the modern appeal of stainless steel. It’s all about your personal style!

Price And Value

  • Rating: GE (4.8/5), Maytag (4.7/5)

GE offers a diverse range of series and lineups. The GE Profile series, for instance, is known for its advanced features and customization options. 

The GE Cafe series stands out with its modern design and high-end features. 

While these series offer excellent value for those seeking premium features, they do tend to be a bit pricier.

Maytag, on the other hand, offers a variety of models in their lineups, each catering to different budget considerations. 

The Maytag MDB4949SKZ, for example, provides solid cleaning and drying performance at a more affordable price point, making it a great value option. 

Maytag also offers the Maytag Jetclean series, which includes budget-friendly models with straightforward features, focusing on reliability and efficient cleaning.

If you’re after premium features and customization, go for GE’s Profile and Cafe series. For a budget-friendly option without compromising performance, Maytag is the way to go. It’s all about what fits your needs and wallet best!


  • Rating: GE (4.6/5), Maytag (4.8/5)

GE dishwashers generally come with a standard one-year warranty covering parts and labor. 

While this is the norm, certain high-end models within their Profile and Cafe series might offer extended warranties for specific components. 

Maytag, on the other hand, offers a similar one-year limited warranty, but they have a slightly better track record of offering clear terms and conditions, making it easier for customers to understand what is covered. 

This clarity can be a significant advantage, especially for buyers who want straightforward warranty information without any ambiguity.

Maytag is definitely the obvious choice if you’re looking for a good warranty and are planning to make a long-term investment. Don’t just shrug off GE though – the warranty might not be as good, but the brand’s got enough experience to make their washers last far past the given years.

Service and Repair/Customer Support

  • Rating: GE (4.6/5), Maytag (4.7/5)

Both GE and Maytag have extensive service networks, making it relatively easy to find authorized technicians for repairs. 

However, GE has faced occasional criticism for the responsiveness of its customer support, with some customers reporting longer wait times for assistance.

 Maytag, although generally providing reliable support, has also received mixed feedback concerning the availability of replacement parts for older models. 

For the newer models though, replacement is a lot easier.

This could potentially be a concern if you plan on keeping your dishwasher for an extended period and anticipate needing replacement parts down the line.

I’d suggest going for Maytag for this one. At least there’s no need to wait for the potential wait times reported by the GE customers. I’ve always been a DIY person, but I can still attest to the general Customer Support for both brands, as I’ve checked them out because of sheer curiosity.

Pros of GE Over Maytag Dishwashers

  • Advanced cleaning technologies and versatile drying options.
  • Custom panel integration for seamless kitchen aesthetics.
  • Enhanced smart features and real-time alerts for convenient use.
  • Wide range of wash cycles catering to different needs.
  • Quiet operation for a peaceful kitchen environment.

Cons of GE over Maytag Dishwashers:

  • Inconsistent reliability and cleaning performance in some models.
  • Longer customer support response times reported by users.
  • Limited availability of replacement parts for older dishwasher models.

Pros of Maytag over GE Dishwashers

  • Energy-efficient models with optimized water and energy usage.
  • Transparent and clear warranty terms for customer assurance.
  • Efficient filtration systems for improved cleaning and durability.

Cons of Maytag over GE Dishwashers

  • Limited availability of models with adjustable features.
  • Less immediate connectivity in smart features compared to GE.
  • Mixed feedback on customer support, especially concerning older models’ replacement parts.

So, Is Maytag or GE a Better Brand  For Dishwasher?

When it comes to Maytag versus GE for dishwashers, it’s all about what you value most. 

Maytag shines with its outstanding drying performance, energy efficiency, and innovative features like the Soil Sensor, making it an excellent choice for those who want top-notch performance and eco-conscious options.

On the flip side, GE stands out with powerful stain removal, versatile features, and seamless smart home integration, especially with its real-time alerts. 

If you’re looking for a dishwasher that tackles tough stains and offers cutting-edge technology, GE might be the better fit.

Your decision should hinge on which aspects align best with your specific needs and preferences.


Which brand of dishwasher has the least repairs among GE and Maytag?

Folks seem to give Maytag a bit of a nod in the reliability department. Users have shared that Maytag dishwashers tend to require fewer repairs compared to their GE counterparts.

What are some common problems with Maytag and GE dishwashers?

Like all appliances, both Maytag and GE dishwashers have their quirks. Maytag users sometimes notice occasional cleaning issues and longer cycles. On the other hand, GE dishwashers can sometimes see reliability concerns and might occasionally fall short on cleaning performance.

Who makes GE and Maytag?

GE Appliances is a subsidiary of Haier Group, a Chinese multinational. Maytag is owned by Whirlpool Corporation, an American multinational.

How well does GE compare to Bosch Dishwasher?

Bosch is known for quietness, European engineering and long-term reliability, while GE offers competitive features and innovation. Check out my guide on Bosch Vs GE Dishwasher to understand what I mean by that.

Final Thoughts

In the grand showdown between GE and Maytag dishwashers, it’s clear they both bring unique flavors to the table.

I’ve laid it all out for you, even tossed in specific models for your consideration. Your perfect dishwasher is just a step away, now. Good luck with choosing!

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