GE Dishwasher Dry Only: Is It Possible?

Ever felt like time slows down when you’re waiting for your dishwasher to finish its seemingly endless cycle? 

And just when you think it’s finally over, the drying cycle kicks in, testing your patience even further. 

I get it. If you’re tired of the never-ending dishwasher cycles, you’re in the right place. 

In this post, I’ll share some smart hacks to bypass the waiting game. Keep reading to learn all about them!

Can GE Dishwasher Dry Only?

No, there’s no standalone Dry cycle in GE dishwashers. 

The GE dishwasher dries dishes through natural convection airflow, but there’s no specific setting just for drying. 

However, there are a couple of features that can reduce the drying time.

What Can Be Done Instead?

If you’re looking to shorten the drying time for your dishes, here are a few tricks you can try:

  • Use the “Heated Dry” Feature: Speed up the drying process by activating the “Heated Dry” option. This extra heat ensures your dishes are swiftly ready for storage.
  • Explore Heat Options: Check for buttons like “Added Heat,” “Wash Heat Boost,” or “High-Temperature Rinse.” These choices add more heat, improving your dishwasher’s drying efficiency.
  • Consider Advanced Drying Features: If you plan to upgrade soon, prioritize models with advanced features. For example, certain GE dishwashers offer the Twin Turbo Boost Drying feature, guaranteeing perfectly dry and ready-to-use dishes faster.
  • Run a Shorter Regular Cycle First: If you’re in a rush, start with a brief regular wash cycle before initiating the drying phase. This method saves time while ensuring your dishes are clean and dry.


Do all GE dishwashers have a dry cycle?

Absolutely, every GE dishwasher features a drying cycle. However, if you don’t select a heating option, the dishwasher uses natural airflow to dry your dishes.

Is there a dishwasher that can only dry the dishes without running a wash cycle?

No, there isn’t a dishwasher designed solely for drying dishes without a prior wash cycle. Every dishwasher, including GE models, follows a washing phase before moving on to drying.

What’s the temperature of the Heated Dry cycle in GE dishwashers?

GE doesn’t provide specifics. However, generally speaking, most dishwashers tend to stick around 140-180 °F with a Heated Dry cycle.

What does the sanitize cycle do in GE dishwashers?

The sanitize cycle in GE dishwashers serves as an additional, highly effective sanitizing phase. It adheres to the rigorous standards set by NSF International, ensuring that your dishes are thoroughly free from germs and bacteria.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. 

Even though a dedicated drying cycle isn’t available for your GE dishwasher, you now have several tricks to streamline the dishwashing process.

Say goodbye to the tediousness, and hello to efficient dishwashing.

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