GE Vs Bosch Dishwasher: Which One Should You Go For?

Bosch Dishwashers have been among the top picks of many kitchen adventurers for decades. However, people have been talking a lot about GE dishwashers lately as well.

Wondering which one you should get? 

Bosch dishwashers should be your top pick in terms of reliability and quality. However, if customizability is important to you, go for GE dishwashers. GE even rivals Bosch when it comes to cleaning performance. 

Overall, GE doesn’t quite beat Bosch yet, but it’s coming close. Keep on reading to see what I mean.

GE Vs Bosch Dishwasher Comparison Chart

Here’s a quick overview of the main differences.

Noise LevelNear-silent operation.Relatively quiet, not as much as Bosch.
Third Rack DesignIngenious, deep, customizable.Standard design, less versatile
Cleaning PerformanceTop-tier.Better than average.
Energy EfficiencyAlways energy efficient.Only more efficient than average when specific features are used.
Top/Front ModelsBoth available.Both available, but more focus on front control.
Custom PanelsSeamless integration with decent customizability.Excellent customizability.
DimensionsMore variation in sizes. Most models are slim.
Build QualityRobust build, minimal maintenance.Durability, regular checks needed
Price RangeHigher cost, advanced innovation.Budget-friendly, excellent performance.

GE Vs Bosch Dishwasher: Going In Deep

Now, let’s talk a bit more about the specifics.

Noise Level

  • Rating: Bosch (4.9/5), GE (4.6/5)

When it comes to noise reduction, Bosch’s innovative SilencePlus technology sets an industry benchmark. 

The Bosch 800 Series SHEM78Z55N operates at an impressive 42 decibels, a testament to Bosch’s commitment to a serene kitchen environment. 

In comparison, GE’s GDT695SSJSS, while relatively quiet at 45 decibels, doesn’t quite match the whisper-quiet operation of Bosch’s high-end models.

No competition here – if you’re the sort who likes to make great dishes while relaxing in the kitchen – like I am, then Bosch is your best bet.

Cleaning Performance

  • Rating: Bosch (4.8/5), GE (4.5/5)

When it comes to cleaning, precision is key. 

Bosch’s PrecisionWash system, showcased in models like the SHPM78W54N, stands out with its intelligent sensors adjusting water usage and pressure for optimal cleaning. 

GE’s QuadWash technology, as in the GDT665SSNSS, employs multiple spray arms for comprehensive coverage, ensuring efficient cleaning. 

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It’s decent, but doesn’t deal with soiled dishes as well as Bosch’s tech does.

When it comes to cleaning, Bosch goes the extra mile. The level of meticulousness in their cleaning technology ensures spotless dishes every time. That gives it a better edge for delicate items and stubborn stains, which is a huge win in my book.

Energy Efficiency

  • Rating: Bosch (4.7/5), GE (4.6/5)

Both Bosch and GE raise the bar when it comes to energy efficiency. 

Bosch’s EcoSilence Drive, as seen in models like the SHXM78Z55N, work fairly quiet while also being very light on the power draw at the same time.

GE dishwashers are also fairly smart. Many models, like the GDF650SMVES feature the AutoSense Cycle, which adapts the wash based on dish dirtiness, optimizing energy usage for cost savings.

I’ll give my kudos to both brands – they both impress with their eco-conscious designs, reflecting a commitment to sustainability that resonates with my own values as a consumer. 

Third Rack Design

  • Rating: Bosch (4.8/5), GE (4./5)

The third rack, though often overlooked, is a pretty big deal.

Bosch’s MyWay Rack system, found in models like the SHPM88Z75N, is a marvel of design. 

It’s deep, it’s angled, and it’s completely customizable. This rack isn’t just an extra space; it’s a flexible solution for odd-shaped items and larger utensils, making the most out of every wash.

In comparison, GE’s third racks, as seen in models like the GDT695SSJSS, offer a standard design. 

While it provides extra room for cutlery, it lacks the versatility of Bosch’s MyWay Rack. It’s straightforward but might not handle the diversity of items as effectively.

I have to hand it to Bosch for its ingenious third rack design. It’s incredibly practical, making dish organization a piece of cake, something I find immensely useful in my own kitchen.

Other Convenience Features

  • Rating: Bosch (4.7/5), GE (4.5/5)

Bosch’s EasyGlide racks and flip tines, exemplified by the SHXM88Z75N, provide effortless loading and unloading, enhancing user experience. 

GE also incorporates useful and handy features like Bottle Wash Jets in models such as the GDT665SSNSS, targeting hard-to-reach areas inside tall items, catering to unique cleaning needs. 

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This one could’ve been a tie, but I think Bosch easily beats GE from a purely practical viewpoint. 

Combined with the third rack from earlier, Bosch makes loading and unloading a cinch.

Bosch’s attention to convenience is impressive. Their user-friendly approach, especially in loading and unloading, simplifies daily tasks – a feature that, in my opinion, adds a lot of value.

Control Panel: Top and Front Models

  • Rating: Bosch (4.7/5), GE (4.4/5)

Bosch offers two distinct aesthetics with their dishwasher controls. 

If you’re into modern, sleek styles, their top control models like the SHPM78Z55N are a perfect fit.

These models feature touch-sensitive controls integrated seamlessly into the door for a minimalist look. 

On the other hand, Bosch’s front control models, like the SHS863WD5N, have a classic charm. 

They sport visible buttons and handles, giving off a more traditional vibe.

When it comes to control placement, GE mainly focuses on front control models like the GDT665SSNSS. 

These models are all about classic appeal. With their visible buttons and sturdy handles, they maintain a timeless, enduring look. 

Meanwhile, GE’s top control models are significantly more lacking – there’s no direct counterpart lineup to Bosch’s top control series.

The choice between top and front controls is a matter of personal preference. I appreciate the flexibility both brands offer – you can find good choices whether you like contemporary or traditional aesthetics.

High-End Series’s Quality

  • Rating: Bosch (4.8/5), GE (4.5/5)

Bosch doesn’t just stop at high-end; they elevate the game with their Benchmark Series. To me, this premium line sets new standards for luxury and performance. 

In this coveted series, Bosch showcases their finest innovations, including cutting-edge technology, ultra-silent operation, and superior cleaning prowess. 

It’s a statement of sophistication, perfect for those who demand nothing but the best from their kitchen appliances.

While GE offers impressive higher-end models, they don’t have a dedicated premium series akin to Bosch’s Benchmark. 

Instead, GE focuses on tailoring excellence within their diverse range. 

Their approach is more about integrating unique conveniences and innovative features into each model, ensuring a personalized experience for their users.

I tend to favor GE models more in this regard, as I like all the extra features. Speaking in terms of hard facts, though, Bosch would be your best bet if you’re willing to spend big bucks.

Custom Panels Support

  • Rating: Bosch (4.7/5), GE (4.8/5)
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Bosch custom panels blend seamlessly. They can match your kitchen’s aesthetic with precision. It’s all about a neat, integrated look.

GE custom panels are all about your freedom. They even offer kits to do the job yourself. 

Whether you prefer classic stainless steel or a bold black, it’s your call. 

GE lets you make your dishwasher uniquely yours, reflecting your personality. It’s design that speaks to your individuality.

Customizability is key when it comes to appliances integrating seamlessly into a kitchen. GE particularly understands this need well, offering robust support for custom panels, a feature I find almost as important as the third rack.


  • Rating: Bosch (4.7/5), GE (4.9/5)

Sizes are personal choices- you pick based on your kitchen’s layout and your design flair. 

Bosch’s diverse lineup, from compact models like the SPX68U55UC to larger ones, caters to snug spaces and roomy kitchens.

On the flip side, GE models like the GDF535PGRCC, take a more straightforward route with slimmer options. 

I like GE’s angle here. Their slim options tend to fit into most kitchens very well – even my own, which I renovate at least once a year. The best thing? The clean design of these slim models easily makes up for the lack of size variety. 

Durability and Maintenance

  • Rating: Bosch (4.9/5), GE (4.7/5)

Bosch dishwashers, like the 800 Series SHPM78Z55N, are like the rock stars of the kitchen. 

They’re built tough, with stainless steel guts that can handle years of heavy-duty cleaning. 

Plus, maintenance is a breeze – simple filters and easy-to-access parts keep it humming without a hitch.

Now, GE dishwashers hold their ground too, no doubt. Don’t get me wrong, the brand’s been around for over a hundred years, being as old as Bosch. 

Their dishwasher lineups have only recently started improving, though. 

They might need a bit more attention. From my time as an appliance expert, I’ve seen them break down more often. 

In durability and maintenance, Bosch takes the lead with its robust build and fuss-free maintenance. The models I’ve owned from this German giant had me take minimal trips to the servicing center.

Price Range and Affordability

  • Rating: Bosch (4.7/5), GE (4.9/5)

Now, let’s talk about the bottom line – the price tag. 

GE brings affordability to the forefront. 

Models like the GDT695SSJSS deliver excellent performance at a more budget-friendly price point, making them a solid choice for those mindful of their wallets.

Bosch, while offering cutting-edge technology and impressive features, often comes with a slightly higher price tag. 

The advanced innovations and premium build quality contribute to a higher cost, making Bosch dishwashers more of an investment.

Hands down, GE gets the win here. It’s the practical choice that ensures efficiency without breaking the bank. 

So Which Is Better, GE or Bosch Dishwasher?

You might be wondering – are GE and Bosch dishwashers the same? Far from it. 

While both brands offer dependable performance, Bosch’s emphasis on cutting-edge technology and adaptable designs sets it apart. 

Your decision hinges on what matters most to you: practicality and budget, or innovation and flexibility. The choice is yours.

My suggestions:

  • GE emerges as a strong contender with budget-friendly options like the GDT695SSJSS. 
  • If advanced features, innovative designs, and versatility are your focus, Bosch, especially models like the SHPM88Z75N, steals the spotlight.


What other brands of dishwashers are comparable to Bosch?

When comparing dishwashers to Bosch, Cove, Cafe, Whirlpool, LG, KitchenAid, Miele, and Samsung are notable contenders. Each has its strengths, ranging from great drying and durability (Cove) to sleek designs and advanced technology (LG and Samsung). Cove  is actually the closest in terms of washers that can outdo Bosch, despite not being as well known.

Which brand of dishwasher has the least repairs among GE and Bosch?

Bosch typically requires fewer repairs. It’s known for its durability and reliability. Meanwhile, components – particularly Filters and Spray Arms – on GE washers will require regular checks, which means more effort on your part.

Which brand of dishwasher has the highest customer satisfaction among Bosch and GE?

Bosch takes the lead in customer satisfaction. Its innovative features, efficiency, and overall durability often result in high praise from users. While GE offers reliable options, Bosch tends to outshine in customer satisfaction ratings.

Final Thoughts

So, did I help you find your next kitchen companion? Either of these are great picks and can tackle even the biggest mountain of dishes. 

So, just take it lightly and look for particular features you like, then go for whichever brand has them. You won’t regret whatever choice you make.

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